Thursday, August 01, 2013

Another year

Another year has passed. Thought I would post on this it's because I can. 

The big thing that happened this year for us was that we went for a family trip to Edmonton. Had a blast. Best family vacation we had hands down. Left on sun July 14th and stayed there till July 21.  Good solid week of good times. 

I am going to maybe try posting on here again since I kinda regret not doing it. It was like my diary of sorts. And now I don't really have anything noted for the last 3 years.    Wow where does the time go. Maybe if I find something of interest or remember something on a particular day I can add it. 

From now on I'm gonna assume that everything will be added from my phone since it is "handy". 

If you thought my spelling and grammar was bad before. It can only get better with the phone.   Har har har 

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