Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I should just embrace the Happy Stupid way..

You ever have one of those days, where you try to act like nothing happened to refrain from looking like a complete and total boob. But it back fires in you face and you look more like a turd then you would of in the first place?

Yeah .. well that happened to me today.

My boss forwards a call my way. While I am on the call, I start to move my coffee over to the other side of my desk because I didn't want to possibly knock it with my mouse. But to my surprise, the while I was moving it, the bottom of the cup catches on the back part of my keyboard.. SPOOSH all over the keyboard and myself, frantically I remove the keyboard and mop up the coffee with lil pieces of Kleenex, while still on the call directing the user along with his problem.

I finished the call perfectly, the person didn't have a clue what I just did, and didn't realize that the top of my desk and myself if covered with coffee and I was on the other end directing him while I was shaking my keyboard upside down.

After the call, I take my keyboard out to the back and give it a good cleaning. Cleaned up everything on my desk (or so I thought) and tried to continue with the day as nothing happened.

Mr. Boss comes into my office and noticed that I still left a coffee cup on my desk on its side with coffee juices just touching the edge. He then looked at me and could read my face like a book as I was beating myself up...

Hello Mr. Obvious... Ah hell .. you know I always usually come clean no matter how much of a goof I look like, and the one time I try to "play it cool" it totally bit me in the ass. And hard.

Oh well. I think I enjoy myself more when I just laugh at my idiosyncrasies anyway.

Happy Stupid is the way to be.

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Maria said...

Yeah, but did your arms get wet?