Sunday, December 06, 2009

A long time

It has been a long time since I posted anything on this blog page. It's been even a longer time since Lungbutter was together. After over 7 years. we ended up having a reunion of sorts. I had a bit of time so I thought I would make a most of it and put up a post.

There was a local band called "Shadow in the Mirror" who John was friends with and worked with one of the members years back. Over the course of this there was talk about John should try to get the band back together to play a show with them for fun. It was all talk. But then for some strange reason, we (lungbutter members) were all sending emails to each other with song title ideas, lyrics and so forth, and something sparked when we were talking about the "old times". I got myself even more interested over this same period, when we were putting the majority of our Garbage City catalog on last fm for free download.

Then in October there was talk about the possibility about playing a half hour or so set with the previously mentioned band. We thought we could try it and see what would happen.

Since of out inactivity we changed our name to "Actual Lungbutter" as there are presently 3 or 4 other lungbutters out there in the world. There can be only one. And to celebrate the reunion of the band, Dallas even designed a hockey jersey for us to where for the show.

Next thing I know, the show passed last Friday night and I am left wanting more. I think we played a fantastic show. When we went on stage at the exchange, and started it didn't feel like over 8 years had passed at all since we were on the same stage. Cause I think it was October of 2001 since we were last on that stage. Like my buddy Brett said after seeing the show, "you guys didn't skip a beat", Ahmad thought it was better then the albums, as it was the first time he had ever seen us.

I myself had a blast. I was just excited to be able to play again and let my kids be able to see it, as I thought that would of never been possible.

The energy and excitement was held by all of us. And if this strikes something new in the future, that would be awesome and I am definitely up for the ride.

The future is unwritten.


Maria said...

I will never forget seeing Harland & Talya banging their heads to the beat of the music. My heart took a picture. Good times.

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