Thursday, August 06, 2009

Like Father, Like Daughter

Talya cut her lip open jumping off the bed in Harley's Room. She came out cryin like crazy and Harley's saying "I didn't even push her!! I didn't push her!!"

Leanne took her to the hospital. And instead of stitches (like back in my day) they glued her lip. That's bizarre. glue??

All I can say was really that she had it comin.. she was blessed with her daddie's klutziness and I am surprised she made it this far without any stitches.

She smacked her head good just last weekend on the floor in the mall when she toppled over the shopping cart using her head as a cushion and the shopping cart coming down on top of her.

Harley felt pretty bad and guilty, even though he didn't really do anything to her himself. But I don't thing it helped any when the nurse was pickin' on him sayin. "So ya punched yer sister eh?"
"No! No! I didn't" as he was getting all defensive.
The nurse said he was just buggin him and he felt a little better.

Kinda funny though.. he gets joshed like that all of the time from his dad. Maybe I gave him a complex now.

Harley, if you ever read this. I just want you to know. I'm sorry if I fucked you up. Love Dad.


Maria said...

That will teach you to let Talya stand up in the shopping cart!

Gilly said...

he wasn't standing up in the cart. She was hanging on the side.

Maria said...

Whatever! She shouldn't be hanging on it either!