Saturday, August 01, 2009


We took the kids to the exhibition today. Never again. Not on a Saturday anyway. Too many people and .. too much cigarette smoke. I like how you can't smoke at the majority of places now.. but it sure make you hate smoke more when you are around it. At first I couldn't care less. But now. I simply can't stand it.

I think next time I decide to take my kids on a Saturday to the ex, I'll get a hammer and bash it into the side of my head. .. well no .. it wasn't that bad truthfully. The kids were awesome and we had a great time... I am just beat from it right now.

Since it was the beginning of the month and I fell off the wagon of trying to watch what I eat... I thought I would see if I could somewhat start "fresh" .. well at least erase my data on the wiifit (because I dont want it to give me shit again) and start off fresh .. so I weighed myself (almost 229 lbs!! woopee!!) and did a first test to check my wii fit age. I got 25!! I thought that was so awesome that I decided to put the foot board away and award myself with a big bag of chips and my favorite dip!!

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