Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Desert Island Disc

A while ago, I was talking about music with my buddy at work and the subject of the Rheostatics came up. He himself has never really been exposed to Rheostatics, so that made me think... Other then the obvious choice of owning Whale Music, I wondered if I would be able to make a "compilation" of my favorite tunes. It was really an impossible challenge in a way as I love everything that the Rheostatics have put out. So I wanted to see if I could limit myself to if I only had 1 CD of whatever Rheostatics material I wanted, what would I come up with. After putting in to thought over the past few weeks and then finally staying up though the night over last weekend to piece it together, I came up with a pretty decent compilation. (If I say so myself). In fact, I believe that Rheostatics should release it on or something as they don't really have a "compilation" of sorts. I thought I would share it with you all..

1. P.I.N - “Night of the Shooting Stars” (2001)
2. Claire
- “Introducing Happiness” (1994)
3. Aliens (Christmas 1988)
- “Melville” (1991)
4. Bad Time To Be Poor
- “The Blue Hysteria” (1996)
5. It’s Easy To Be With You
– “The Story of Harmelodia” (1999)
6. The Tarleks
- “2067” (2004)
7. “Northern Wish” –
“Music Inspired by the Group of 7” (1995)
8. Palomar –
“Whale Music” (1992)
9. Record Body Count -
“Melville” (1991)
10. Self Serve Gas Station –
“Whale Music” (1992)
11. Song of Flight –
“Music from the motion picture ‘Whale Music’” (1994)
12. King of The Past –
“Whale Music” (1992)
13. The Ballad of Wendel Clark pts.1 & 2 –
“Greatest Hits” (1987)
14. Henry’s Musical Beard –
“The Nightlines Sessions” (1998)
15. Little Bird, Little Bird -
“2067” (2004)
16. Home Again –
“The Story of Harmelodia” (1999)
17. All The Same Eyes - “
The Blue Hysteria” (1996)
18. Stolen Car (live) –
“Double Live” (1997)
19. One More Colour - “
Introducing Happiness” (1994)

20. Barenaked Ladies- Legal Age Life at The Variety Store (live in Regina) f
rom “Rheostatics Tribute: The Secret Sessions”

I have to say. I think it is pretty damn good. And I hope that all of you Rheostatics fans out there can appreciate it, and those of you who don't know who they are then I believe it is an excellent collection.

No I know there are A LOT of tracks that didn't make it.. But I had to limit myself to 1 CD. It could have very easily been a "box set" but then it would have just been me telling you to listen to the whole discography.

Thank you Rheostatics.

..and of you can't get enough of the Rheostatics and you want more, then I highly recommend that you check out the Rheostatics Live website. There are some great CBC radio performances on there.

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