Thursday, October 02, 2008

the things that happen when I am left by myself.

So I kinda did a stupid thing last night. I was looking at wiiware games to download for my wii, and for some reason I was excited when I saw this one, so I downloaded it.

I must have been really high last night or there was something in the air, because it wasn't exciting as I thought it might have been.

Ooo!! .. I better go. Time to feed my fish!


ColReid said...

How are the fish going to swim when the tank is full of garbage?

Gilly said...

HAAHAHA!! you bastard, you made coffee come through my nose!

Maria said...

Looks the same as real fish - cool until 10 seconds later and then you're bored with them. Stupid.

thehember said...

I picked that thing up for Nigel. What a pile of stinking poo that is! My downloading of Super Dodge Ball has made up for it though.