Thursday, September 18, 2008

We found a lost kitty

We found a lost kitty. He was wanderin' around the Fabricland Parking lot in the east end of regina.

If you are lookin' for him let me know.

You can view the kijiji lost and found ad here.


Bert said...

Is this it?

Lost Kitty-Cat

Gilly said...

Nope .. that was not it, I contacted them before I even posted it on the site, which reminds me I guess I am gonna remove that link now. It really did sound that that kitty too because the cat that we had in the office ended up getting sick all night one evening and wasnt using the bathroom at all and also started peeing pink. So he definately was having urinary tract issue and possibly worse.

We were not able to afford taken him to the vet, so we decided it would be best to take him to the Humane Society since at least they would do a vet check.

We actually did get a call from the owner yesterday actually, unfotunatey we took him to the place by that time. So I am crossing my fingers hoping that the kitty is now reunited with the owner.