Friday, July 04, 2008

the little things that happen

I was having lunch in victoria park today with Rob and Mango. We were sitting on a bench talking and watching "scenery", and I was enjoying one of those fruit juices. Mmmmm .. yummy. Since the three of us were sitting on the bench there wasn't much room to put anything, so while I was eating my lunch I decided to set my drink on the side of the garbage can beside me.

This Boo Radley looking guy came up grabbed my drink and some other ones out of the garbage in like a blink of an eye while I was sitting right there. It was bizarre. He at least could of asked.

I was so stunned that I really didn't realize it until he walked away and I said to the guys,"hmmmm .. I would have liked to finished that first"

.. it's always my luck.

And it seems that that luck has be brought down to my kids as well. Rob, Nancy and Bobbie were over this evening hanging out in the hot tub with us. The kids were having a good time and while the excitement was at a high, Talya decided that she wanted to sit on the edge and fell backwards on to the deck. I am sure that she hurt here tooshy pretty bad but that was not all, Later she was hanging over the other side looking at something and she slipped out and bashed her head on the cement blocks on the ground. When it happened, to me it seemed I took like a half hour to get out of the tub. It was all in slow motion. I just missed her legs as she went down. Leanne said she never has seen me move so fast. I grabbed Talya of the ground and checked her head. Leanne took her in the house with Nancy, cleaned the mud off of her and put some ice on her head right away. She had quite the bump on here head. Thankfully that is all that it was though. It could have been worse.

Harley and Bobbie felt pretty bad and calmed down a bit after that. But later on, Talya was feeling just as good and got back in the hot tub and being goofy again.

Kids will be kids I guess.

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Ahmad said...

I happen to have a spare hardhat if you need one for your daughter...