Monday, July 14, 2008

"Daddy! .. I boke it!"

That was the first thing I heard from Talya when she came from the living room and came to get my attention in the kitchen. While I go towards her, to my horror I noticed that she had a piece of what looked like a DVD in her hand and she was pointing to the case on the floor. And there it was, the bigger piece of my UHF dvd still sitting in the case.

Talya has been taking it upon herself to try to put DVDs in the player because she knows how to do it. But for being two years old, she just doesn't understand how to put her index finger in the middle of the case and push it. I gave her a time out for a little while as a punishment and she was quite upset saying sorry quite a bit and is banned from touching the DVDs but afterwards I told her I was proud of her that she knew that she did something wrong and she admitted to it. Hopefully she can always have that honesty,

Harley was pretty upset that the disc was broken too. He has been going through a Weird Al phase (actually both of them are) and has been watching UHF, Weird Al Show, the videos and the live concert quite a bit. He has been counting down the days to see weird al in concert and is excited to see his first "rock concert"

I'm just hoping I am going to be able to come across another copy of this dvd for myself. It was one of my faves because the special features, commentarty and hidden eggs are great on this disc!


Maria said...

Ahhh yes, the joys of children!
I love my cats, I love my cats!

Anonymous said...

Amazon has it for 7 bucks plus shipping. ~OE