Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wax Mannequin and weight update

Well .. I didn't blog my weight last Sunday morning when I did my official weight in, but I came in at 226. So it keeps going.

I really should try to get a graph or something up here. Ah hell .. I can't have everything I guess.

I missed Iron Maiden unfortunately. But that is ok, because I was able to take in another fine Wax Mannequin show last sunday Night. This time was pretty cool because he had Andy Magoffin (of Two-Minute Miracles fame) touring with him doing a solo show. Andy also played drums with wax on some new songs. One thing that surprised me was that they did a really cool version of Geoff Berner's "Volcano God". I am hoping that maybe Wax will release a version of that himself later. I guess he is currently doing some recordings with Andy right now. I am looking forward to hearing that. I really like the way Andy produces recordings. (Constantines, Jim Guthrie & Two-minute miracles) His stuff sounds good on headphones. Actually, I don't remember the liner notes of what was said on Orchird & Ire, he could have done that one for all I know .. but something tells me not. I will have to look into it.

Wax... is there anything you can't do?

In other news:
There is not much that I can think of really. I just keep thinking I would like to post more for my blog pages, but before I know it .. the days pass.

My quest for a Wii and a WiiFit still continues...

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