Sunday, June 15, 2008

"waisting" away

Leanne and I went to Sex and the City movie. I enjoyed it. It put a nice ending cap for the show but I heard talk about them making another movie. As much as I would like that, I hope they don't. Simply because it might ruin a good thing. I believe they came to an end and to go any farther would be like beating a dead horse.

Now that Corner Gas is ending after the sixth season like Sex and the City did, maybe they will make a movie as well in 5 years. Hahahaa.. Here's Hopin

So I am now down to 225. Only a pound less from last week .. but still a pound.

The nice thing that happened today is that when I was at walmart, I noticed that they had jeans on sale for 10 bucks. The largest size they had was 38 and I wear a 40. But I thought.. ah hell .. I'll pick up a pair and use it as a goal to fit in the. But to my surprise, when I tried them on. They fit me perfectly!. That was so awesome! .. I don't remember the last time I wore a 38. All my pants are either 40 or 42. I think I am going to have to update my wardrobe.

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Maria said...

Awesome Brudda! Awesome!