Monday, June 02, 2008

update (excerpts from emails to rob)

Some people may think it is cheating. But I thought ah hell .. it has been a while since I posted, so I thought I would give you a couple of notes from my emails to my friend rob as an update. it ain't much different to How I would usually post. Here it goes!
(also for those of you who are keeping track. My weight is down to 229..slow moving .. but it is happening! )

may 29th

hey man! .. yeah .. it has been a pretty fast week for me. I was not at work on Monday and Tuesday as hema and his family was in staying with us. I am totally addicted to the Wii. I think my personal fave is the target practice for the tennis in training .. I don't know why .. but I love it .. My personal best was only hitting 15 targets while I played it when hema brought it over, but it was still fun. I have transferred my wii character from hema's Wii to Dallas' remote that I borrowed from him .. so I now have a copy of Leanne's and mine wii characters for when we get ours. Unfortunately, hell knows when I will get my hands on one.

You will laugh .. the first time I tried the Wii Fitness Age thing, I never tried any of the Training games and It comes up with the age and says 69.. then ... it drops and says 80 ... everyone nearly pissed there pants... .. I was pissed! .. but it was hilarious at the same time.

I tried to buy a WiiFit the other day, just so that I have it for when I get my wii. They had 20 come in at ToysRus and on Saturday morning, I guess they had a line up of 50 people rush it to buy it and they were sold out immediately. I truthfully didnt think that many people would be interested in WiiFit

RUSH was hands down simply the best concert I have ever seen in my life. A Dream come true. They played for 3 hours and it was amazing. They played over half of their new album and a whole shitload of classics.. And even though they didn't play songs from 9 of their 19 studio albums, I didn't miss it. I enjoyed every minute of it. And yes .. there were a couple of songs that they did that I was not expecting and caught me of guard. I started crying like a little girl. I took some pics with my cell phone but they are crap .. and Dal got some better pictures that he sent me because he was in the second row. I sort have started writing about it in my blog .. but I haven't had a chance to finish it yet .. hence why there is nothing put in right now. But yeah .. I dont think I will see anything that will even come close to that show for me. Though .. I am going to go see Blind Boys Of Alabama tomorrow night and I am looking forward to that show as well.

I AM SO STOKED FOR LOST TONIGHT!! .. I think I am gonna try to start putting the kids to bed a 8 to make sure that they are down and out before Leanne gets home tonight.

june 1

aarrggh . that reminds me! .. I think I am gonna have to renew my plates! ..

yeah .. the lawn thing was driving me nuts .. I have the crappiest mower in the world, the bag doesn't stay on and keeps blowing grass in my face .. not to mention I ran out of gas last night .. so I am hoping I can get it done this evening.

I am gonna be stepping out to cost-co with Leanne to get a couple things right now actually for Harley's b-day.

yeah .. I did have two lawnmowers at one time, but the one got messed up, so I already created some piece meal from both of them. There is a metal plate already there that is closed, but if you close the hole .. then the grass has nowhere to blow out to. Ah someday .. I will get something new. I think I will get some clips or something .. that will keep the bag shut for now.

As for the gas concept .. yeah .. I knew that I was lo on gas, but it was my own fault .. I didn't want to go out and get gas, when I ran out of gas it was after nine and the kids were already sleeping .. so I thought it was late enough anyway. I will finish her up this evening.

So what did you think of LOST? .. I find it had to believe that my daughter will be 3 before I get to see any new episodes :( ..**sniff**

I had a good and scary weekend at the same time. It was good because I saw "blind boys of Alabama" on Friday night and it was really uplifting. Like I have said to someone before .. it was like going to church .. with a really good house band.

I locked myself and the kids out of the house on Saturday. So "that was fun". It was a good excuse for Herman to come over with a key and have a beer with me.

While I was having fun being locked out of the house, Leanne's mom was sent to the hospital. I guess she had a slight stroke, she is going to see a specialist this week sometime to get more infomrmation. She was released on the weekend so it was good. Leanne was able to get out of work and be there with her mom and family.

then after that calmed down, went to my mom's of cake for my sisters birthday, and then after that leanne had a "girls night" with Daelynn, Kerry and Crystal. I stayed at home with the kids.. but after I got them down I played video games for about 3.5 hours or so .. it was great!

Sunday was then gymnastics, brunch with the girls (that leanne was with last night), Rob and the kids, then got some stuff for harleys birthday. Then took the kids over Lynnai and Dal's since Dalyn was wanting to play with them. It gave leanne a good excuse to clean the house. Then when I got home I mowed the lawn.

thats my weekend in a nutshell.


ColReid said...

If you need a Wii, get a Costco membership. They have them in stock all the time.

Gilly said...

yeah .. actually I was at costco yesterday getting stuff for harleys birthday and noticed that myself as well. I just need the money now.

Maybe I'll whore myself out.

~Dae said...

Are you sure you should be piece mealing lawn mower parts???

Maria said...

You wouldn't make nearly enough to get a Wii if you whored yourself out. Better think of another way brother.