Tuesday, June 03, 2008

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY HARLEY (and Ahmad too! .. except not the 5th part)

It is my son Harland's birthday today and since he doesn't like cake I think Leanne is going to make cupcakes. I will hopefully take some pics of Harley and his day later and post them another time.

It is also my friend Ahmad's bithday today as well. I will not say his age but it is a couple of more years than 5.


Ahmad said...

Apparently, Harley won't let me have my birthday anymore, so I'll have to stay 28 forever.

Maria said...

Surprisingly, Harland was actually eating his cake at the party. I couldn't believe it! He didn't like me taking pictures of him while he was eating it either - it was like he didn't want anyone to know. Crazy kid.