Sunday, June 22, 2008

1am and just out of the shower

Just got out of the shower. My sleeping schedule I think is a little messed up because of the last couple of days. The week went by really really fast. You know.. one of those weeks that end before it began. Yeah .. that kinda crazy. Anyway, last thursday was Harley's last day of school and they had a picnic out at candy cane park that they also turned into a "family day". I don't understand why they do these family day things, isn't everyday a family day?

Anyway .. the picnic was fun, but I think I took in too much sun, either that or I ate too many cankerworms. Man! .. those things are out everywhere! .. I think it may have to do with all of the rain that we had in the last while. I hate those little green things for the life of of me.

Anyway .. long story short. the evening I was sicker then sick, one sec really hot, next sec freezing my butt off. Horking up eveything that you can think of, infact I swear I thought I saw a couple of cankerworms in there .. .. iicchh!!

Both Leanne and I were pretty much out of sorts for the Fri. But I made up for it for today (well Saturday). While Leanne was working today, I was frigging Superman!
today I :
- took the kids for a "trip" to the gas station (yay!!) and got them slurpees
- cleaned the back deck
- "assembled" my lawn mower
- mowed back lawn
- gave Talya a bath
- made Potato Salad
- did 3 loads of laundry
- played pirates with the kids!
- attended to harley after he "crushed" his hand in the exercise bike. Won't explain.
- attended to talya after she banged her head on the swing set. Won't explain.
- did dishes
- mowed front lawn
- cleaned kitchen
- mowed side and back behind garage.

Those were my main accomplishments. Oh yeah .. somewhere I should add that I also played water guns with my kids, made them lunch and some other stufff that I kant think of at the moment. All of this in a span of 8 hours while my wife was at work.
I was superdad. Or at least it felt like I was.

I love my lawnmower that I got for fathers day. Maybe that was it. It made me feel like "a man" .. hahahaha.

Anyway. I better go. I thought I would just write in my "diary" since I havent in a while. Tomorrow is going to be a big day too. Talya is going to be baptised at church, then family will be coming over for lunch. In the afternoon we will be going to a show and shine at my sisters work, and then we are going to my moms to "celebrate" my mom's birthday that past a couple of days ago and Leanne and Herman's that is coming up later this week.

Party on..

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