Monday, May 12, 2008

Zack! Zack! .. he's a Rhinotillexomanic!

So there is actually a medical expression for what I have! It's Rhinotillexomania.

Now that I am aware of it! .. maybe I am a step closer to recovery!

In other news, I am thinking of a way I can chart my weight progress on my blog page. I will maybe make a chart or something. But for now I will just post my weight. Today I weighed myself in a 233 lbs. Now I am not sure, but when I weighed myself last week and didn't write it down, I could swear I was 238. Anyway.. I will try to keep track of these numbers, and that is why I thought a chart would be the best way to go. Another thing I am noticing is that depending where the scale goes in my house, it gives me a different result. I found a spot that seemed to be the flattest and the scale sat firm on the floor. I will use that same spot from now on. I guess to be honest with myself, I think I will chart all of my sizes as well. But come to think of it, I havent measured that stuff.

I think I will also try to have a personal goal of 200 lbs. Now that may seem crazy, but judging from my BMI from just the information that I have read on a couple of website, I supposedly am "very obese" and my body weight for a my size is supposed to be 136 - 165 lbs and I have an increased risk of disease (blah blah blah) because of this. 136 - 165 !!! That is INSANE!! There is NO WAY I can get to that. Not unless I can hit 200 first. And if I can do that.. then I might be more apt to believe the other.

Ah .. hell .. next week by this time I'll probably forget that I was even try to change my diet anyway.. hahaha!

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Maria said...

I would love to be 233 again.
I remember years ago when I went on Weight Watchers the first time. I thought I was so huge at 191. Now, I laugh thinking about how thin that would be for me!!