Friday, May 16, 2008

What the hell? .. A place you can actually win on?

So my buddy Brett told me about this site that you can win prizes on for residents of Regina. Actually he told me about it a couple of times but I never really looked. He brought it to my attention again because there was a Nintendo Wii that you can win on it now. But what he failed to tell me was that he actually won an 8GB iPod Touch a couple of weeks back. WHAT THE?

If you don't believe me .. see for yourself!


Maria said...

Okay, it could be that I am tired and really ready to end this day, but I don't understand. You are saying that he won his iPod but didn't he win his bid and have to pay for it? Even if you pay only a couple of bucks for it, it still isn't "winning" - you bought it right?

Anonymous said...

nope, you get it for free, even if you win

Anonymous said...

Hey! That's my friend's site! It's awesome. So is she.

- Tannis

Bert said...

Learn how to bid here

Anonymous said...

Scam is spelled s-c-a-m.

You don't win things by paying for them.

Captain Wake-up-call