Sunday, May 04, 2008

today in point form

- woke up
- ate breakfaset
- burned a couple of discs to give to rob g.
- took kids to gymnastics
- visited with rob & dae and kids while at gymnastics
- got an order form for spices and meat and other things.. damn now I have to order stuff or try to sell it to people
- went thru mcdonalds drive through
- impressed with the new angus burger
- started dvd recorder to record "the hitcher" for later viewing
- anchored swing set down
- played in back yard
- did an ant attack with coffee grounds
- cleaned back entrance and washed walls
- cleaned kitchen
- bathed daughter
- got kids to tidy rooms
- bbq'd some meat
- started dvd recorder to record "funny girl" for later viewing
- had dinner
- made choc chip cookies for the first time. Talya and Leanne helped me.
- made coffee
- ate cookie and drank coffee
- washed dishes
- put kids to bed
- finished watching season one of 4400
- did this posting
- now going to bed

1 comment:

Amy said...

If you want, scan it in and send me a copy. I'll email you what I want and send you a cheque, then I can pick the stuff up when I'm down in July.