Saturday, May 03, 2008


Went to Col's parents this evening to finally get a chance to see lil' Daxton.

It was sooo cool to hold a little guy again. Made me want to have a little one myself, but also freaked me out too because I got rusty. And when it's someone else's kid you can have this incredible fear of "breaking" them. Wouldn't want to "break" him. Not a good thing.

Talya we definately soaking up some of the attention and making a little fool out of herself as well. Colin's mom gave here these little "cheerleader poofy things" and she was shaking them up and down yelling "PRIZE!! PRIZE". which I am assuming was her saying surprize, but then again with my children you can never tell sometimes.

During the day, my friend Lynnai and my sister went to Robert Usher. The school is closing down and they had a "come and go" for alumni to check out the place. It was nice to see some of the artwork and in some ways it was pretty bizarre because some things in the school didn't seem to have changed at all.

I was disappointed that more people from my graduating class didnt show up, though I would say that it was short notice and I don't think many of the people knew about it. Not to mention that the majority don't even likely live in regina anymore

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