Friday, May 16, 2008

...if i had money .. id tell you whattiyd do...

...I'd go to home depot and buy a can of paint or two...

I came across some pictures of the first house that Leanne and I bought a few years back. We didn't like the area so much so we sold it and bought a new house in Feb '07 So I guess we flipped it sooner then we planned. I still do miss it though because we put the time and a few bucks to fixing it up and making it ours. Thanks to many of our friends who we wouldn't of been able to do it without (Amy, Brass, Brett, Jack, Delmar, Rob, Herman, Mango to name a few). I never did post any before and after shots on my blog before cause I never had a chance.. but I thought I would now for the hell of it since I have been reminiscing. These pictures were the real estate photos from when we bought it .. and when we sold it.

As you can see.. we had some fun with it and made it our own. The carpet in that place was the grossest ever and it made me love laminate. We dont have laminate in the house that we have now .. and I really really miss it. Leanne and I also had a great time destroying the wall that was in between the kitchen and the living room. Opened up the place quite a bit. Good time.

I miss that house. Harley misses it too and still talks about it from time to time. Someday hopefully we will do some painting in our new place and make it more "us"

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