Tuesday, May 20, 2008

goodbye weekend my love.

Well another long weekend has come and gone. However, it was a good long weekend. Got to see my buddy Rob and his front yard that he has been working on. Got my hot tub up and going and had a couple of dips in it already. One at a lower temp with the kids and a couple of our friends and one in a higher temp with a chance to relax after the kiddies were sleeping. Ahhhh.. I am so happy I have it going again.

Also over the weekend I did my "weigh in" .. I am down to 232. Know I know some of you are saying, "big deal. A whole pound!" But I'm not complaining, if I can drop a pound a week and do that for a year, I would be very impressed, not to mention losing however many pounds that comes to. :)

Rush is getting closer!!! .. I can't just smell it!!

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Maria said...

Do the math honey - if you lost a pound a week for a whole year that would be 52 pounds. That's pretty damn good!