Sunday, May 11, 2008

go speed racer, go speed racer, go speed racer go!

Well another Mother's Day has come and gone, and another day is gone where I feel like I didn't show my true appreciation for my Mother or my wife like I should have.

I got Leanne the "PS I Love You" movie as a gift for her. But we haven't watched it yet. So please. Nobody ruin it for me. My mother.. well... I let her watch my daughter in the afternoon so we were able to take Harley to a movie that he was wanting to see. See what I mean by what a wonderful mothers day gift? Editors Note: Talya, if you are reading this, please don't be offended it's just that your attention span for movies right now is not up to par for the theatre. Truth be known you had a wonderful time with your grandmother.

We took Harley to Speed Racer this afternoon. He really liked the show but he was a little confused in some points of the movie because the time frame in the movie jumped back and forth a little bit. We took him to the 3:30 show, though it probably would have been better for him to go to the 12:30 show and he wouldn't of been so tired. But I am sure he will wear the DVD thin when in comes out later.

Never watched the movie yet because that damn friend of mine Ahmad got us hooked on 4400. .. not that it is a bad thing. It's a very good show and I recommended to all. I just hope that they pick it up again sometime later on.


Maria said...

Actually, from what I heard, Talya just slept most of the time. So I am not sure if she really realized that Mom was there.
Harland shouldn't feel bad about being confused during Speed Racer. I was too in spots. I still don't know why their youngest child is a chimp. Was it cheaper than hiring another young actor? I wouldn't think so since they'd need the animal trainer too.
Hmmm, makes you think.
It also made me want to play Super Mario Karts too.
Good times.

Gilly said...

Wha? ... what do you mean their youngest child is chimp? .. that was their pet chimpanzee. ? You know what is a pet right? .. you have two of them yourself don't ya?

Maria said...

I was just trying to be funny!
I was confused when they were going back and forth though. I couldn't figure out who this other kid was until I finally figured out that they had another son after Speed. It through me because they were flashing between the young Speed and the older Speed and then all of a sudden there was this other kid with a gay knit beanie and the Dad didn't look any different. So I was confused a little but I got over it. Anyway, as I was saying, yes I knew that it was their pet chimp. Just trying to be funny.

Gilly said...

oh .. got ya ....

.. I was trying to be funny with the Talya comment too. She can't read. Well .. hmm .. actually come to think of it. Maybe she could be reading this years from now. Hmmmm ..

Gilly said...

.. and oh yeah .. they probably thought they didnt have time for John Goodman to take the weight off for the "younger" scenes.