Tuesday, May 20, 2008

goodbye weekend my love.

Well another long weekend has come and gone. However, it was a good long weekend. Got to see my buddy Rob and his front yard that he has been working on. Got my hot tub up and going and had a couple of dips in it already. One at a lower temp with the kids and a couple of our friends and one in a higher temp with a chance to relax after the kiddies were sleeping. Ahhhh.. I am so happy I have it going again.

Also over the weekend I did my "weigh in" .. I am down to 232. Know I know some of you are saying, "big deal. A whole pound!" But I'm not complaining, if I can drop a pound a week and do that for a year, I would be very impressed, not to mention losing however many pounds that comes to. :)

Rush is getting closer!!! .. I can't just smell it!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

What the hell? .. A place you can actually win on?

So my buddy Brett told me about this site that you can win prizes on for residents of Regina. Actually he told me about it a couple of times but I never really looked. He brought it to my attention again because there was a Nintendo Wii that you can win on it now. But what he failed to tell me was that he actually won an 8GB iPod Touch a couple of weeks back. WHAT THE?

If you don't believe me .. see for yourself!

...if i had money .. id tell you whattiyd do...

...I'd go to home depot and buy a can of paint or two...

I came across some pictures of the first house that Leanne and I bought a few years back. We didn't like the area so much so we sold it and bought a new house in Feb '07 So I guess we flipped it sooner then we planned. I still do miss it though because we put the time and a few bucks to fixing it up and making it ours. Thanks to many of our friends who we wouldn't of been able to do it without (Amy, Brass, Brett, Jack, Delmar, Rob, Herman, Mango to name a few). I never did post any before and after shots on my blog before cause I never had a chance.. but I thought I would now for the hell of it since I have been reminiscing. These pictures were the real estate photos from when we bought it .. and when we sold it.

As you can see.. we had some fun with it and made it our own. The carpet in that place was the grossest ever and it made me love laminate. We dont have laminate in the house that we have now .. and I really really miss it. Leanne and I also had a great time destroying the wall that was in between the kitchen and the living room. Opened up the place quite a bit. Good time.

I miss that house. Harley misses it too and still talks about it from time to time. Someday hopefully we will do some painting in our new place and make it more "us"

Thursday, May 15, 2008

.. and ongoing Battles

I love last.fm. It has introduced me to some new music that I otherwise would have never been exposed to. One of the bands that I can't get enough of lately is a band called Battles. I have never been good with members names, but I know that this band features members from Helmet, Don Caballero and I think Tomahawk too. So if you want to listen to something cool and new and you like those bands that I mentioned, then Battles is something that you might want to check into. I have been listening the the album "Mirrored" pretty much nonstop in the van lately. Harley and Talya seem to like them because of the rhythms, but they haven't taken Leanne's heart yet.

I ended up having a good talk with Tony this evening. Sounds like he only has a couple of weeks of school left then he is done and will have his degree. I have to give him credit and same with my buddy Hema too. To take any sort of class while having children blows me away. I can't fathom it.

Maybe if I ever got to a point that I knew what I truely wanted to do just once (like my sister got to experience twice in her life) I would likely be more empowered to take those proper steps.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I know what you want!! You coveted my deli sandwich.. I had this deli sandwich since I was a child!! ...

Had a fairly busy day today at work. I didnt get a chance to get out for lunch cause I was stuck on the phone. Infact, my buddy Ahmad was out at Italian start deli, called me on my cell to see if I wanted one but couldnt get a hold of me and bought one for me anyway. Thanks Ahmad. You know me well.

But as some of you know, I started to try to pay more attention to my intake of calories and so forth by using the weight watchers point system. Now I won't bore you with the details, but I tried to figure out how many points would I use for my favorite sandwich in the world. They say if you like it, you know you are going to be using the points. Anyway I figured from the resources that I had that this version of Carlo's masterpieces was about 13 points. Not as much as I thought it was going to be (i was setting myself up for 20 or so) but still enough for when you only have 36 for the whole day. So I ate half of it for lunch. Now here is something interesting. Half of 13 is 6.5. With the point system you have to round it to the nearest point, so 7. I wish I realised this before, because if I ate it in one sitting I could of saved myself a point. hahahaha ... Ok I know .. I sound like a moron. But I am finding this point this interesting. But we will see how I feel about it after a month or so.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

Zack! Zack! .. he's a Rhinotillexomanic!

So there is actually a medical expression for what I have! It's Rhinotillexomania.

Now that I am aware of it! .. maybe I am a step closer to recovery!

In other news, I am thinking of a way I can chart my weight progress on my blog page. I will maybe make a chart or something. But for now I will just post my weight. Today I weighed myself in a 233 lbs. Now I am not sure, but when I weighed myself last week and didn't write it down, I could swear I was 238. Anyway.. I will try to keep track of these numbers, and that is why I thought a chart would be the best way to go. Another thing I am noticing is that depending where the scale goes in my house, it gives me a different result. I found a spot that seemed to be the flattest and the scale sat firm on the floor. I will use that same spot from now on. I guess to be honest with myself, I think I will chart all of my sizes as well. But come to think of it, I havent measured that stuff.

I think I will also try to have a personal goal of 200 lbs. Now that may seem crazy, but judging from my BMI from just the information that I have read on a couple of website, I supposedly am "very obese" and my body weight for a my size is supposed to be 136 - 165 lbs and I have an increased risk of disease (blah blah blah) because of this. 136 - 165 !!! That is INSANE!! There is NO WAY I can get to that. Not unless I can hit 200 first. And if I can do that.. then I might be more apt to believe the other.

Ah .. hell .. next week by this time I'll probably forget that I was even try to change my diet anyway.. hahaha!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

go speed racer, go speed racer, go speed racer go!

Well another Mother's Day has come and gone, and another day is gone where I feel like I didn't show my true appreciation for my Mother or my wife like I should have.

I got Leanne the "PS I Love You" movie as a gift for her. But we haven't watched it yet. So please. Nobody ruin it for me. My mother.. well... I let her watch my daughter in the afternoon so we were able to take Harley to a movie that he was wanting to see. See what I mean by what a wonderful mothers day gift? Editors Note: Talya, if you are reading this, please don't be offended it's just that your attention span for movies right now is not up to par for the theatre. Truth be known you had a wonderful time with your grandmother.

We took Harley to Speed Racer this afternoon. He really liked the show but he was a little confused in some points of the movie because the time frame in the movie jumped back and forth a little bit. We took him to the 3:30 show, though it probably would have been better for him to go to the 12:30 show and he wouldn't of been so tired. But I am sure he will wear the DVD thin when in comes out later.

Never watched the movie yet because that damn friend of mine Ahmad got us hooked on 4400. .. not that it is a bad thing. It's a very good show and I recommended to all. I just hope that they pick it up again sometime later on.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

.. and so it begins

I officially started weight watchers today. Not for losing weight as much as for using it as more of a tool to control my portions.

Unfortunately though, I picked the wrong day to start it. I went to a birthday party for one of Harley's friends and though I kept track of what I ate, I didn't bother worrying about calculating the points until the end of the day.

I was 23 points over my allowed amount of 36. 59 points!! ooops. Good thing though, I have extra points that I can use throughout the week. Lucky for me I used the majority of them in a day. Good times.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday in Japan

YAY!!! It's another friday and I thought it would have never come!

I do feel like it is going to be one of those weekends that is going to come and then go before I know it.

Will see what happens.

So I have been on a kick of watching a bunch of Japanese commercials lately. Made a DVD full of them at home and have already been driving the wife and kids nuts with them. I originally was looking for KFC commercials for the hell of it.. but after seeing this guys video, it really makes me want to try the food there.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

QOTSA and balls

Saw Queens of the Stone Age last night and really enjoyed the show. But if it made me realize anything, it is the fact that I definately am not getting any younger. And I only ran into like 2 people that I knew. Where as back in the old days, I used to run in to tons of people. Ah well .. what ya gonna do.

The priest from our churchs parish was over last night to talk about Talya's baptism. (which I think we will have set for june 22nd) And as I mentioned before the embarassing things happen with kids when they are over... here's another one.

Harley was standing by the table while we were talking to the priest and he you can tell he was a bit uncomfortable. We said, "Harley, if you have to go to the bathroom, just go.."

and he says "No, I am ok. It's just my balls are sticking to the side"

I swear I saw coffee come out if the priest's nose.
That's my boy.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


So I am going to the dentist this afternoon. I have this sickening feeling in my stomach.

I'm not sure if it is from me going to the dentist, or if it is from all 4 of us in the family attempting to do this venture at the same time this afternoon.

I'm just gonna try to keep my focus on the upcoming "Queens of the Stone Age" show this evening. I think it's gonna be a rocker!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Slap Happy

I have decided that it doesn't matter what I do that if I am not happy with myself first then I will never be happy.

I believe I am happy with myself now, and I had a good couple of days to confirm it.

Now it's time to spread that happiness throughout.

So I should be happy. If I am not happy.. slap me.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

today in point form

- woke up
- ate breakfaset
- burned a couple of discs to give to rob g.
- took kids to gymnastics
- visited with rob & dae and kids while at gymnastics
- got an order form for spices and meat and other things.. damn now I have to order stuff or try to sell it to people
- went thru mcdonalds drive through
- impressed with the new angus burger
- started dvd recorder to record "the hitcher" for later viewing
- anchored swing set down
- played in back yard
- did an ant attack with coffee grounds
- cleaned back entrance and washed walls
- cleaned kitchen
- bathed daughter
- got kids to tidy rooms
- bbq'd some meat
- started dvd recorder to record "funny girl" for later viewing
- had dinner
- made choc chip cookies for the first time. Talya and Leanne helped me.
- made coffee
- ate cookie and drank coffee
- washed dishes
- put kids to bed
- finished watching season one of 4400
- did this posting
- now going to bed

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Went to Col's parents this evening to finally get a chance to see lil' Daxton.

It was sooo cool to hold a little guy again. Made me want to have a little one myself, but also freaked me out too because I got rusty. And when it's someone else's kid you can have this incredible fear of "breaking" them. Wouldn't want to "break" him. Not a good thing.

Talya we definately soaking up some of the attention and making a little fool out of herself as well. Colin's mom gave here these little "cheerleader poofy things" and she was shaking them up and down yelling "PRIZE!! PRIZE". which I am assuming was her saying surprize, but then again with my children you can never tell sometimes.

During the day, my friend Lynnai and my sister went to Robert Usher. The school is closing down and they had a "come and go" for alumni to check out the place. It was nice to see some of the artwork and in some ways it was pretty bizarre because some things in the school didn't seem to have changed at all.

I was disappointed that more people from my graduating class didnt show up, though I would say that it was short notice and I don't think many of the people knew about it. Not to mention that the majority don't even likely live in regina anymore

Friday, May 02, 2008

friends and games

Bert is going to come over this evening and we are going to meet Devin and his new fiancee Naomi at the shwack.

Too bad it is going to happen at like 11:00 this evening though. It would be nice for Leanne to get out. But she works tomorrow morning.

Hopefully sometime it will be at a point where she doesn't have to work at all.

Actually. I wonder what it would be like to retire at an age of like .. now. If I actually won the lottery this evening, I don't think I would be one of those people that say.. well I'm gonna keep working because I don't know what to do with myself. Nope. Wouldn't have to worry about that at all.

I picked up a sweet game while I was out with my buddy Rob for lunch. It is called "Test Drive: Eve of Destruction". There aren't enough Demolition Derby games out there. But truthfully. This is the only game you need.

Speaking of need. Rob also picked up a Wii today. I found it bizarre because here he was talking to me about one and make sure what to get when he picked one up, like I had one. hehehehe .. thought it was funny. Well. I think now that he has that, he will probably get a big TV within a couple of months.

Thursday, May 01, 2008