Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Congrats out to Daelynn & Rob on thier new baby that was born this morning at 5:35am
this morning.

William David Green
7lb 3oz
not sure of length.

I don't have a picture as of yet and have not been able to see the little tyke since I will be working all day and Leanne will be out this evening. Not to mention I still have to see Daxton.

It's a crazy baby party around here!

It was crazy. I woke up this morning to my daughter and then the phone rings. Daelynn's on the phone saying: "Hey Gil, hows it goin'? I didn't wake you up did I?"
"No. That's ok I was just tending to Talya ... (blah blah)
.. now as fast as my brain works, it still took me quite a while to realize that it is 7am in the morning and why the hell would she be calling me. at this time.
"You didn't have your baby did you?"
"Actually yes I did"

And she sounded great! I guess the baby is ok and everything was awesome. I will likely post a picture when I take one or see one myself.

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