Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pic-a-Pop vs. The Pop Shoppe

I went into Brandi's (my "local" corner store) and I noticed that they now have Pic-a-Pop for sale! I nearly flipped. Unfortunately thought it is not at the same price as I remember. I got a bottle of my favorites, Black Cherry and Blue Razzberry and I was stunned to find out I was paying 2 bucks each! I still enjoyed them though. The black cherry tasted how I remember it, but was lighter in color. Before it used to roughly the same color as cherry coke.

But when I was looking into more information on the internet. I came across something even cooler! The Pop Shoppe looks like there back as well! Now I liked Pop Shoppe more as a kid then pic-a-pop, but I haven't came across any here yet. Hopefully I will sometime soon thou.

Which one do you perfer? Pic-a-Pop? or The Pop Shoppe?

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