Monday, April 21, 2008

feeling blup

I had a hard time to get the will power to do anything today. Feeling sick to my stomach and didn't want to leave the bed at all.

.. maybe it's the fact that the dentist is coming..

Nah .. who am I kiddin'. I know whats bothering me and no amount of medication is going to fix me of this state.

Time for an oil change.

Speaking of oil change. Took the van in for one in the late afternoon and got an excuse to see my sisters new car. She hasn't got it yet because they have some stuff that they need to do to it still. Harley felt bad for my sister so he lent her his yellow monster truck that he got from the show to her till she gets it. Good kid. Has a heart.

..unfotunately later in the evening he realized that he wouldn't be getting his truck back. I guess he will have to sleep with one of his other cars. HAHAHA

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