Sunday, April 20, 2008

da weekend

The last few days have been fairly active

Friday night
- Leanne and I sent to the 1st annual Taboo Sex Show here in regina. I think I will go again.
- Went for beer with Lincoln, Christine, Scott and Bert. I was good to see them again. Don't seem them enought

- Tried to attack the laundry for my wife during the day. I suck at housework. I don't deserve her.
- Had a good talk with Colin today. I am really proud of him. He sounds like he he taken on the daddy role very well. And he sounds like a really proud daddy too. It made me want to have a third child myself.
- Took Harley to the monster truck show with my friend Dallas and his son. I swear, there were moments there where Harley might as well have been at a rock show, screaming and yelliing doing the infamous Dio finger hand single when the trucks would drive over something. YYYEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!!! I dont know which was worse for me .. the loudness or the fumes. I definately got high and had a killer headache in the evening. The main thing though is that Harley loved it! Harley got a yellow monster truck toy from the show. He got yellow because it was the color of auntie's new car.

Sunday (today)
- Leanne had to work during the day.
- Took the kids to gymnastics this morning by myself. Rob and Daelynn I am sure had a good laugh at me while I ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off after my daughter.
- Harley had a birthday party to go to and I felt like a heel because when I took him there I forgot to bring the birthday present. Just when I thought that was bad enough.. I forgot again when I went to pick him up. Harley was not impressed with me at all. Harley will get to take the gift to his friend tomorrow at school.

All in all. They weekend just came an went.

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