Saturday, March 29, 2008

Feeling Blup Jr,

Is it possible for a 4 year old to suffer from depression. My son is sick right now .. but sometimes it almost seems like his is depressed. Ah .. it's probably just because he feels like crap.

I think I am gonna look in to it though.

Early Friday morning he was sick and throwing up. He was really upset that he was sick because he had a play date with a friend of his setup for the morning. He was looking forward to it all week, counting down the sleeps till the day.

It was heartbreaking to see him force himself up and get dressed. Leanne and I were talking to each other saying how we could tell that he was sick and commenting on the fact that usually when he is ready to see a friend he's jumping up and down with excitement, but this time he was just limp on the couch after he got dressed. We come back into the livingroom and he must have heard us talking because when we got back in.. he was jumping on the chair with all of his might getting weaker on every jump saying .. "seee .. i feel good ..." .. stops .. and gets off the chair..

.. "im gonna go back to bed now" ...

Poor turd. He is sleeping right now at this moment as well.. I hope this doesn't mess up his sleeping schedule.

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