Monday, December 22, 2008

Disco Family Christmas

It's Christmas time.. and there is nothing better than Disco music on Christmas

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dance fail.

Alright.. I admit I am a fan of "So you think you can dance" That is part of the reason that I had to post these.

This one is just plain funny and I nearly pissed myself..

.. and this one caused the exact opposite effect and made me feel sick and horrible

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Ann Leanne!

Leanne and I have now officially been married for 8 years.

Dat be some crazy shit.

Monday, November 10, 2008

living under a rock

One thing that I notice with my old age now is that I am so out of touch with music compared to how I used to be. After reading some stuff it came to my realization that Vinnie Colaiuta did drums on Megadeth's "The System has failed" album and Terry Bozzio also recorded with Korn on their album that was released last year or so.

What the hell? I am so outta touch ..

Thursday, November 06, 2008

10 wonderful years

10 years ago today I met my better half Leanne.

My friend Darryl was wanting to go out and whoop it up, so we went out to the State that evening. After we left, I was tired and wanted to go home, but Darryl was still wanting to go out and forced me to go to the Lazy Owl. (Which in fact was the only time I have EVER been there when it was a regular bar night and there was no band performing)

Now honestly I could be wrong in the details of where we were before, whether it was the State, or it might have just been bushwakkers, and I know that other people were with us as well. But what I do remember is that I was "responsible" for Darryl because he was still wanting to "party" and was too liq'd up to drive at that moment.

Anyways when I got to the owl. I saw a girl by the name of Marie who I hadn't seen for a couple of years previously. I was good friends with her brother in the high school days and knew her that way.

Her friend that was with her had these eyes that made me melt and gave me the feeling that I just shot a whole bottle of whiskey. Her hair was braided to two pig tails and was wearing a green shirt and jeans. She looked very earthy and I thought she was wayyy out of my league. However I noticed her standing by herself and her friend Marie either went out dancing or to the bathroom or something. She seemed to have a look on her face that said she didn't really want to be there either. I fighting with myself on whether I should bother talking to her on not, so I thought what the hell, got her attention from across the room and got her to come over to my side.

The small talk that evening started about how each of us knew Marie and another friend Lynnai which then escalated into finding more about each other and discussing everything from our interests, likes, dislikes, food, music .. you name it.. to even who could make better cookies, her or my sister. We seemed to click on everything And we just sat there and talked for the rest of the evening till the friends that we were with wanted to go.

We exchanged numbers and she mentioned that she was going to her parents farm for the weekend but would like to get together when she gets back.

Those next couple of days seems like an eternity for me. It sounds retarded, but I kind of new after that first night that I was going to be in for a good relationship... well at the time I would have never thought that I would still here ten years later, married with two wonderful kids and blogging about this (especially since there were no blogging sites).. but I never felt like I clicked with anyone on so many things by just being completely true to myself and being me. I never had to change anything, or act any differently in any way at all.

Anyway. Our first "date" consisted of me going over there with Brett and watching the "Lungbutter - Eclips" TV special that I finished editing a couple of days prior. And then Leanne and I went to Humpty's for coffee and cake, and talked endlessly the entire evening, had a great time right up to the Mcdonalds breakfast in the morning before going to work. I have never felt so twitterpated in my life previously. I was so dead at work, but then at the same time never felt so alive!

Everything just worked. And it is still as solid as ever right now and I love her more every minute.

Thanks for 10 wonderful years of memories Lily. You're the best!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Master of Muppets

Never in my life would I thought I ever see Beaker perform Cryptopsy

oh and "Master of Muppets" below is pretty funny too.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

love failblog!!

I love fail blog! I can never get enough of the site. This fail was so good, I had to post it.

Thanks for not being a clumsy best man Hema! .. Cheers!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

chair party

Now. I am not a big fan of wrestling, but these guys got what they asked for. HAHAHA

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Radiohead Keneally Remix

I'm a fan of Mike Keneally and I am fan of Radiohead. So to hear a Mike Keneally do a remix of Radiohead tickles me pink!

You can check it out here!

Though what even excites me more is reading that he is going to be doing some writing with Andy Partidge in the near future! F'n A!!!!

From The Keneallist
Radiohead have been doing this thing this year where you can download separate tracks of their songs, do your own mix and upload the results to a special website they're running. Thomas Dolby did a remix of "Nude" earlier this year which I really enjoyed, and that (plus my girlfriend's diligent encouragement) prompted me to try a mix of their song "Reckoner." It mostly uses the existing elements of the original recording; I added two tracks of synth, a little bit of bass and a few guitars in the background during the ending. Mainly I was interested in recombining the elements that were already there and highlighting a few sweet things that live in the original recording but aren't readily noticeable in the original mix.

If you don't know who Mike Keneally is, then you are in luck because now you can listen to Mike Keneally 24 hours a day for free at!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

the things that happen when I am left by myself.

So I kinda did a stupid thing last night. I was looking at wiiware games to download for my wii, and for some reason I was excited when I saw this one, so I downloaded it.

I must have been really high last night or there was something in the air, because it wasn't exciting as I thought it might have been.

Ooo!! .. I better go. Time to feed my fish!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ride the music train

Now, some may think I don't not know much about art. But in my opinion this is definately art.

Thanks to Tony for pointing this in my direction. You can check out more of Yuri Suzuki's art projects and music here.

Monday, September 29, 2008

New Months resolution

Since the month is near an end, I think I am gonna make a "New Months Resolution".

But .. I dont know what that is yet. Maybe to be positive? .. yeah .. that's it! .. to be positive!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Der Preis ist heiß

I was looking up some information on "The Price is Right" game for the Wii, and I came across this jem. Awesome

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I just found out that Ron Sexsmith is going to be playing here next week. Aaarrgh!

Though .. I shouldn't complain. At least I found out BEFORE the show and not after!

I sure in the hell hope I am going to be able to make it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Mother Mother's new album "O My Heart" came out a couple of weeks ago.. and I love it so.. I recommend it to all. Check out this video that a fan made. This is my favorite tune from the album

Mother Mother - "Hayloft" (Fan Video) from Zach Hart on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

We found a lost kitty

We found a lost kitty. He was wanderin' around the Fabricland Parking lot in the east end of regina.

If you are lookin' for him let me know.

You can view the kijiji lost and found ad here.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

he's everywhere

thanks to bert for pointing this out. What a awesome way to advertise! Using google maps!

Check it out here!

Read the original article here

Friday, August 29, 2008

Driving on Salvia

One of the funniest things I have seen in a long time.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Ich Will

It's nice to see that the "German American Idol" is just as entertaining. Here is a guy taking a crack at a Rammstein tune.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kitten on the Keys

Thanks to Tony for pointing her out to me. She is hillarious.

Monday, July 28, 2008

IT guy vs. dumb employees

Thanks to matt for this one. This totally brightened my day!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

blog posting

This is yet another fine blog posting from the one and only gilly.

In fact.. I think it was the best one yet.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I just got a WiiFit and I enjoy it alot. I thought this video was enjoyable as well.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Roman Danylo

My sister is taking me to see Roman Danylo tonight. I think it will be a pretty funny show. To get a taste of what he does. Check out these videos below.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I gotta Wii from work for my 10yr anniversary today.

Stay tuned to this post for update ... it is currently in progress .. just need to get a chance to finish it

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

gotta love da wii

Thanks to Bert for bringing this to my attention!

There were other cool tiles that have been announced at the E3 convention as well that I am looking forward to seeing as well like Wii Music and Wii Speak. Good Stuff. Can't wait to play them myself!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

"Daddy! .. I boke it!"

That was the first thing I heard from Talya when she came from the living room and came to get my attention in the kitchen. While I go towards her, to my horror I noticed that she had a piece of what looked like a DVD in her hand and she was pointing to the case on the floor. And there it was, the bigger piece of my UHF dvd still sitting in the case.

Talya has been taking it upon herself to try to put DVDs in the player because she knows how to do it. But for being two years old, she just doesn't understand how to put her index finger in the middle of the case and push it. I gave her a time out for a little while as a punishment and she was quite upset saying sorry quite a bit and is banned from touching the DVDs but afterwards I told her I was proud of her that she knew that she did something wrong and she admitted to it. Hopefully she can always have that honesty,

Harley was pretty upset that the disc was broken too. He has been going through a Weird Al phase (actually both of them are) and has been watching UHF, Weird Al Show, the videos and the live concert quite a bit. He has been counting down the days to see weird al in concert and is excited to see his first "rock concert"

I'm just hoping I am going to be able to come across another copy of this dvd for myself. It was one of my faves because the special features, commentarty and hidden eggs are great on this disc!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My mother has two eyes..... but this guys mother had one.

So I caught myself reading one of those things that I usually hate reading, but I enjoyed this one. Though I could never understand why the woman wouldn't wear an eye patch?

My mom only had one eye.
I hated her... she was such an embarressment..
my mom ran a small shop at a flea market.
she collected little weeds and such to sell...
anything for the money we needed
she was such an embarressment.
there was this one day during elementary school..
it was field day, and my mom came.
I was so embarressed. how could she do this to me? threw her a hateful look and ran out.

the next day at school...

"your mom only has one eye?!?!" ..and they taunted me.

I wished that my mom would just dissappear from this world so i said to my mom, "mom.. why dont you have the other eye?! if you're only gonna make me a laughingstock, why dont you just die?!!!" my mom did not respond.. I guess I felt a little bad, but at the same time, it felt
good to think that i had said what I'd wanted to say all this time..

maybe it was because my mom hadnt punished me, but i didnt think that i had hurt her feelings very badly.

that night...

I woke up, and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. my mom was crying there, so quietly, as if she was afraid that she might wake me. I took a look at her, then turned away because of the thing I had said to her earlier, there was something pinching at me in the corner of my heart. even so, I hated my mother who was crying out of her one eye.
so I told myself that I would grow up and become successful. cause I hated &! nbsp;my one-eyed mom and our desperate poverty..

then I studied real hard.

I left my mother and came to Seoul and studied, and got accepted in the Seoul University with all the confidence I had. then, I got married.

I bought a house of my own.
then I had kids, too..
now I'm living happily as a successful man.

I like it here because it's a place that doesnt remind me of my mom.
this happiness was getting bigger and bigger, when.. what?! who's this?! was my mother... ..still with her one eye.
it felt as if the whole sky was falling apart on me.
my little girl ran away, scared of my mom's eye.
and I asked her, "who are you?!"
"I dont know you!!!" as if trying to make that real. I screamed at her," how dare you come to my house and scare my daughter!"


and to this, my mother quietly answered, "oh, I'm so sorry. I may have gotten the wrong address," and she dissappeared out of sight. thank good ness... she doesnt recognize me..
I was quite relieved.

I told myself that I wasnt going to care, or think about this for the rest of my life. then a wave of relief came upon me...

one day, a letter regarding a school reunion came to my house. so, lying to my wife that I was going on a business trip, I went. after the reunion, I went down to the old shack, that I used to call a house...just out of curiosity there, I found my mother fallen on the cold ground.

but I did not shed a single tear.
she had a piece of paper in her hand.... it was a letter to me.

my son...

I think my life has been long enough now..
and... I wont visit Seoul anymore...
but would it be too much to ask if I wanted you to come visit me once in a while? I miss you so much.. and i was so glad when I heard you were coming for the reunion. but I decided not to go to the school. ...for you... and I'm sorry that I only have one eye, and I was an embarressment for you.

you see, when you were very little, you got into an accident, and lost your eye. as a mom, I couldnt stand watching you having to grow up with only one eye... so I gave you mine... I was so proud of my son that was seeing a whole new world for me, in my place, with that eye. I was never upset at you for anything you did.. the couple times that you were angry with me,.. I thought to myself, 'it's because he loves me..'

my son... oh, my son...

I dont want you to cry for me, because of my death.
please dont cry...
my son, I love you so much

Monday, July 07, 2008


What the hell is with the Tim Horton's on North Albert in Regina. They don't make cruller donuts or bits!! .. WTF??

To hell with them!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

mmmm ... smells fresh

I have been having rank farts today. You know, the ones that are so bad that you actually enjoy them?

...**sniff** ... ahhhhhh

Friday, July 04, 2008

the little things that happen

I was having lunch in victoria park today with Rob and Mango. We were sitting on a bench talking and watching "scenery", and I was enjoying one of those fruit juices. Mmmmm .. yummy. Since the three of us were sitting on the bench there wasn't much room to put anything, so while I was eating my lunch I decided to set my drink on the side of the garbage can beside me.

This Boo Radley looking guy came up grabbed my drink and some other ones out of the garbage in like a blink of an eye while I was sitting right there. It was bizarre. He at least could of asked.

I was so stunned that I really didn't realize it until he walked away and I said to the guys,"hmmmm .. I would have liked to finished that first"

.. it's always my luck.

And it seems that that luck has be brought down to my kids as well. Rob, Nancy and Bobbie were over this evening hanging out in the hot tub with us. The kids were having a good time and while the excitement was at a high, Talya decided that she wanted to sit on the edge and fell backwards on to the deck. I am sure that she hurt here tooshy pretty bad but that was not all, Later she was hanging over the other side looking at something and she slipped out and bashed her head on the cement blocks on the ground. When it happened, to me it seemed I took like a half hour to get out of the tub. It was all in slow motion. I just missed her legs as she went down. Leanne said she never has seen me move so fast. I grabbed Talya of the ground and checked her head. Leanne took her in the house with Nancy, cleaned the mud off of her and put some ice on her head right away. She had quite the bump on here head. Thankfully that is all that it was though. It could have been worse.

Harley and Bobbie felt pretty bad and calmed down a bit after that. But later on, Talya was feeling just as good and got back in the hot tub and being goofy again.

Kids will be kids I guess.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

.. if you don't have anything good to say....

As you can see by the title of this post. That is the excuse that I am using for not posting. Though .. When I think about it there are plenty of good things that have happened since my last post.

I am trying to through more physical activity into my lifestyle now simply because now that I got my weight down to 225 without really exercising at all, The weight has seemed to have come to a standstill, and it has been fluctuating around 4 pounds or so the last couple of weeks.

On Canada Day, Leanne and I went for a nice walk around the lake close to our house with the kids. Which was pretty good considering because Leanne and I got pretty pickled the night before and had a "pajama party" sleep over at other friends.

If I get a chance I will say more. But I likely won't

love you all

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

feel like sending a post card?

Have any skeletons in your closet? Don't worry, other people have them too. You can share them at PostSecret

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

1am and just out of the shower

Just got out of the shower. My sleeping schedule I think is a little messed up because of the last couple of days. The week went by really really fast. You know.. one of those weeks that end before it began. Yeah .. that kinda crazy. Anyway, last thursday was Harley's last day of school and they had a picnic out at candy cane park that they also turned into a "family day". I don't understand why they do these family day things, isn't everyday a family day?

Anyway .. the picnic was fun, but I think I took in too much sun, either that or I ate too many cankerworms. Man! .. those things are out everywhere! .. I think it may have to do with all of the rain that we had in the last while. I hate those little green things for the life of of me.

Anyway .. long story short. the evening I was sicker then sick, one sec really hot, next sec freezing my butt off. Horking up eveything that you can think of, infact I swear I thought I saw a couple of cankerworms in there .. .. iicchh!!

Both Leanne and I were pretty much out of sorts for the Fri. But I made up for it for today (well Saturday). While Leanne was working today, I was frigging Superman!
today I :
- took the kids for a "trip" to the gas station (yay!!) and got them slurpees
- cleaned the back deck
- "assembled" my lawn mower
- mowed back lawn
- gave Talya a bath
- made Potato Salad
- did 3 loads of laundry
- played pirates with the kids!
- attended to harley after he "crushed" his hand in the exercise bike. Won't explain.
- attended to talya after she banged her head on the swing set. Won't explain.
- did dishes
- mowed front lawn
- cleaned kitchen
- mowed side and back behind garage.

Those were my main accomplishments. Oh yeah .. somewhere I should add that I also played water guns with my kids, made them lunch and some other stufff that I kant think of at the moment. All of this in a span of 8 hours while my wife was at work.
I was superdad. Or at least it felt like I was.

I love my lawnmower that I got for fathers day. Maybe that was it. It made me feel like "a man" .. hahahaha.

Anyway. I better go. I thought I would just write in my "diary" since I havent in a while. Tomorrow is going to be a big day too. Talya is going to be baptised at church, then family will be coming over for lunch. In the afternoon we will be going to a show and shine at my sisters work, and then we are going to my moms to "celebrate" my mom's birthday that past a couple of days ago and Leanne and Herman's that is coming up later this week.

Party on..

Monday, June 16, 2008


I forgot to mention I got a speeding ticket yesterday. Now Leanne and I are tied for speeding tickets with the van.

I wonder who will win the best of 3.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

"waisting" away

Leanne and I went to Sex and the City movie. I enjoyed it. It put a nice ending cap for the show but I heard talk about them making another movie. As much as I would like that, I hope they don't. Simply because it might ruin a good thing. I believe they came to an end and to go any farther would be like beating a dead horse.

Now that Corner Gas is ending after the sixth season like Sex and the City did, maybe they will make a movie as well in 5 years. Hahahaa.. Here's Hopin

So I am now down to 225. Only a pound less from last week .. but still a pound.

The nice thing that happened today is that when I was at walmart, I noticed that they had jeans on sale for 10 bucks. The largest size they had was 38 and I wear a 40. But I thought.. ah hell .. I'll pick up a pair and use it as a goal to fit in the. But to my surprise, when I tried them on. They fit me perfectly!. That was so awesome! .. I don't remember the last time I wore a 38. All my pants are either 40 or 42. I think I am going to have to update my wardrobe.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

the gambler

My mom came by with a surprise for me this morning. She got me a new lawnmower for Father's Day. Well .. not really for father's day, she just decided to buy me one cause she found one on sale and it just happened to be around father's day. Reality is that Leanne will likely use it more than me.

I have come to realize that my daughter (who is not even 2 1/2 yet) has a gambiling problem. Took her to Chuck E Cheese last night and she realized that she was good at one of those games where you put the coin in the machine and it pumps out a bunch of those tickets. She ended up winning about 250 tickets and got herself a ball. So she seems to have good luck though. Hopefully she will remember me when she wins the big bucks at the casino later on in her life.

Friday, June 13, 2008


I had to by a new belt the other day because my last one got too big. I ran out holes. Sometime later I am going to have to get some new pants. Not only they are warn all to hell, but now they are getting baggy and the belt that I have now is bunching it up a bit making my pants not feel as comfortable as I know that they can.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

rain rain rain

"I'm feeling really down... today
I'm feeling really... under the weather;
but it is no problem, or lack of pleasure,

it's just the weather.

Rain keeps coming down around
and I can feel the ... low pressure
Whenever that it stops, it turns to ICE

I'm feeling really down.

rain, rain, rain keeps coming down, down, down
rain, rain, rain, rain keeps coming down
on the ground
rain, rain, rain, rain keeps coming down
rain, rain, rain, keeps coming down

Whenever it's like this... people
Always want to... pass the buck
But I don't really give...
I'm feeling really...

rain, rain, rain keeps coming down, down, down
rain, rain, rain, rain keeps coming down
on the ground
rain, rain, rain, rain keeps coming down
rain, rain, rain, keeps coming down

I'm feeling really... guilty
I'm feeling like I'm... owing money
But I don't even know anybody

I'm feeling really down"

- Martin Tielli, The Rheostatics

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wax Mannequin and weight update

Well .. I didn't blog my weight last Sunday morning when I did my official weight in, but I came in at 226. So it keeps going.

I really should try to get a graph or something up here. Ah hell .. I can't have everything I guess.

I missed Iron Maiden unfortunately. But that is ok, because I was able to take in another fine Wax Mannequin show last sunday Night. This time was pretty cool because he had Andy Magoffin (of Two-Minute Miracles fame) touring with him doing a solo show. Andy also played drums with wax on some new songs. One thing that surprised me was that they did a really cool version of Geoff Berner's "Volcano God". I am hoping that maybe Wax will release a version of that himself later. I guess he is currently doing some recordings with Andy right now. I am looking forward to hearing that. I really like the way Andy produces recordings. (Constantines, Jim Guthrie & Two-minute miracles) His stuff sounds good on headphones. Actually, I don't remember the liner notes of what was said on Orchird & Ire, he could have done that one for all I know .. but something tells me not. I will have to look into it.

Wax... is there anything you can't do?

In other news:
There is not much that I can think of really. I just keep thinking I would like to post more for my blog pages, but before I know it .. the days pass.

My quest for a Wii and a WiiFit still continues...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I can't wait this this comes to Canadian Chains!!!

Thanks to John for notifying me about this fine new product!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

funny stuff

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

very strange...

I noticed something very strange with my work computer. I went to open an access file and I noticed that the access icon wasn't there .. then with further investigation I noticed that I wasnt able to open Word or Excel documents either! What the. I look more into it and I notice that I Microsoft Office doesnt even seem to be installed on my computer at all.

I guess I will just reinstall it.

Another reason that I think I will probably get a mac as a new computer at home. (..whenever that day may be)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY HARLEY (and Ahmad too! .. except not the 5th part)

It is my son Harland's birthday today and since he doesn't like cake I think Leanne is going to make cupcakes. I will hopefully take some pics of Harley and his day later and post them another time.

It is also my friend Ahmad's bithday today as well. I will not say his age but it is a couple of more years than 5.

mmmm.... Yesta Sauce.

Once day when Ahmad, Stacey and I went to lunch. Ahmad and I were ordering for Edo. Ahmad told me he wanted a Combo #5 and Yesta Sauce. I was like.."what's yesta sauce" .. He starts laughing and corrected me.. making me realize that I was supposed to say "yes" when they ask me to put sauce to the stirfry and rice.

Boy was my face red.

We however did come to the conclusion that both of us prefered Yesta Sauce over the Nota Sauce.

Monday, June 02, 2008

update (excerpts from emails to rob)

Some people may think it is cheating. But I thought ah hell .. it has been a while since I posted, so I thought I would give you a couple of notes from my emails to my friend rob as an update. it ain't much different to How I would usually post. Here it goes!
(also for those of you who are keeping track. My weight is down to 229..slow moving .. but it is happening! )

may 29th

hey man! .. yeah .. it has been a pretty fast week for me. I was not at work on Monday and Tuesday as hema and his family was in staying with us. I am totally addicted to the Wii. I think my personal fave is the target practice for the tennis in training .. I don't know why .. but I love it .. My personal best was only hitting 15 targets while I played it when hema brought it over, but it was still fun. I have transferred my wii character from hema's Wii to Dallas' remote that I borrowed from him .. so I now have a copy of Leanne's and mine wii characters for when we get ours. Unfortunately, hell knows when I will get my hands on one.

You will laugh .. the first time I tried the Wii Fitness Age thing, I never tried any of the Training games and It comes up with the age and says 69.. then ... it drops and says 80 ... everyone nearly pissed there pants... .. I was pissed! .. but it was hilarious at the same time.

I tried to buy a WiiFit the other day, just so that I have it for when I get my wii. They had 20 come in at ToysRus and on Saturday morning, I guess they had a line up of 50 people rush it to buy it and they were sold out immediately. I truthfully didnt think that many people would be interested in WiiFit

RUSH was hands down simply the best concert I have ever seen in my life. A Dream come true. They played for 3 hours and it was amazing. They played over half of their new album and a whole shitload of classics.. And even though they didn't play songs from 9 of their 19 studio albums, I didn't miss it. I enjoyed every minute of it. And yes .. there were a couple of songs that they did that I was not expecting and caught me of guard. I started crying like a little girl. I took some pics with my cell phone but they are crap .. and Dal got some better pictures that he sent me because he was in the second row. I sort have started writing about it in my blog .. but I haven't had a chance to finish it yet .. hence why there is nothing put in right now. But yeah .. I dont think I will see anything that will even come close to that show for me. Though .. I am going to go see Blind Boys Of Alabama tomorrow night and I am looking forward to that show as well.

I AM SO STOKED FOR LOST TONIGHT!! .. I think I am gonna try to start putting the kids to bed a 8 to make sure that they are down and out before Leanne gets home tonight.

june 1

aarrggh . that reminds me! .. I think I am gonna have to renew my plates! ..

yeah .. the lawn thing was driving me nuts .. I have the crappiest mower in the world, the bag doesn't stay on and keeps blowing grass in my face .. not to mention I ran out of gas last night .. so I am hoping I can get it done this evening.

I am gonna be stepping out to cost-co with Leanne to get a couple things right now actually for Harley's b-day.

yeah .. I did have two lawnmowers at one time, but the one got messed up, so I already created some piece meal from both of them. There is a metal plate already there that is closed, but if you close the hole .. then the grass has nowhere to blow out to. Ah someday .. I will get something new. I think I will get some clips or something .. that will keep the bag shut for now.

As for the gas concept .. yeah .. I knew that I was lo on gas, but it was my own fault .. I didn't want to go out and get gas, when I ran out of gas it was after nine and the kids were already sleeping .. so I thought it was late enough anyway. I will finish her up this evening.

So what did you think of LOST? .. I find it had to believe that my daughter will be 3 before I get to see any new episodes :( ..**sniff**

I had a good and scary weekend at the same time. It was good because I saw "blind boys of Alabama" on Friday night and it was really uplifting. Like I have said to someone before .. it was like going to church .. with a really good house band.

I locked myself and the kids out of the house on Saturday. So "that was fun". It was a good excuse for Herman to come over with a key and have a beer with me.

While I was having fun being locked out of the house, Leanne's mom was sent to the hospital. I guess she had a slight stroke, she is going to see a specialist this week sometime to get more infomrmation. She was released on the weekend so it was good. Leanne was able to get out of work and be there with her mom and family.

then after that calmed down, went to my mom's of cake for my sisters birthday, and then after that leanne had a "girls night" with Daelynn, Kerry and Crystal. I stayed at home with the kids.. but after I got them down I played video games for about 3.5 hours or so .. it was great!

Sunday was then gymnastics, brunch with the girls (that leanne was with last night), Rob and the kids, then got some stuff for harleys birthday. Then took the kids over Lynnai and Dal's since Dalyn was wanting to play with them. It gave leanne a good excuse to clean the house. Then when I got home I mowed the lawn.

thats my weekend in a nutshell.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

goodbye weekend my love.

Well another long weekend has come and gone. However, it was a good long weekend. Got to see my buddy Rob and his front yard that he has been working on. Got my hot tub up and going and had a couple of dips in it already. One at a lower temp with the kids and a couple of our friends and one in a higher temp with a chance to relax after the kiddies were sleeping. Ahhhh.. I am so happy I have it going again.

Also over the weekend I did my "weigh in" .. I am down to 232. Know I know some of you are saying, "big deal. A whole pound!" But I'm not complaining, if I can drop a pound a week and do that for a year, I would be very impressed, not to mention losing however many pounds that comes to. :)

Rush is getting closer!!! .. I can't just smell it!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

What the hell? .. A place you can actually win on?

So my buddy Brett told me about this site that you can win prizes on for residents of Regina. Actually he told me about it a couple of times but I never really looked. He brought it to my attention again because there was a Nintendo Wii that you can win on it now. But what he failed to tell me was that he actually won an 8GB iPod Touch a couple of weeks back. WHAT THE?

If you don't believe me .. see for yourself!

...if i had money .. id tell you whattiyd do...

...I'd go to home depot and buy a can of paint or two...

I came across some pictures of the first house that Leanne and I bought a few years back. We didn't like the area so much so we sold it and bought a new house in Feb '07 So I guess we flipped it sooner then we planned. I still do miss it though because we put the time and a few bucks to fixing it up and making it ours. Thanks to many of our friends who we wouldn't of been able to do it without (Amy, Brass, Brett, Jack, Delmar, Rob, Herman, Mango to name a few). I never did post any before and after shots on my blog before cause I never had a chance.. but I thought I would now for the hell of it since I have been reminiscing. These pictures were the real estate photos from when we bought it .. and when we sold it.

As you can see.. we had some fun with it and made it our own. The carpet in that place was the grossest ever and it made me love laminate. We dont have laminate in the house that we have now .. and I really really miss it. Leanne and I also had a great time destroying the wall that was in between the kitchen and the living room. Opened up the place quite a bit. Good time.

I miss that house. Harley misses it too and still talks about it from time to time. Someday hopefully we will do some painting in our new place and make it more "us"

Thursday, May 15, 2008

.. and ongoing Battles

I love It has introduced me to some new music that I otherwise would have never been exposed to. One of the bands that I can't get enough of lately is a band called Battles. I have never been good with members names, but I know that this band features members from Helmet, Don Caballero and I think Tomahawk too. So if you want to listen to something cool and new and you like those bands that I mentioned, then Battles is something that you might want to check into. I have been listening the the album "Mirrored" pretty much nonstop in the van lately. Harley and Talya seem to like them because of the rhythms, but they haven't taken Leanne's heart yet.

I ended up having a good talk with Tony this evening. Sounds like he only has a couple of weeks of school left then he is done and will have his degree. I have to give him credit and same with my buddy Hema too. To take any sort of class while having children blows me away. I can't fathom it.

Maybe if I ever got to a point that I knew what I truely wanted to do just once (like my sister got to experience twice in her life) I would likely be more empowered to take those proper steps.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I know what you want!! You coveted my deli sandwich.. I had this deli sandwich since I was a child!! ...

Had a fairly busy day today at work. I didnt get a chance to get out for lunch cause I was stuck on the phone. Infact, my buddy Ahmad was out at Italian start deli, called me on my cell to see if I wanted one but couldnt get a hold of me and bought one for me anyway. Thanks Ahmad. You know me well.

But as some of you know, I started to try to pay more attention to my intake of calories and so forth by using the weight watchers point system. Now I won't bore you with the details, but I tried to figure out how many points would I use for my favorite sandwich in the world. They say if you like it, you know you are going to be using the points. Anyway I figured from the resources that I had that this version of Carlo's masterpieces was about 13 points. Not as much as I thought it was going to be (i was setting myself up for 20 or so) but still enough for when you only have 36 for the whole day. So I ate half of it for lunch. Now here is something interesting. Half of 13 is 6.5. With the point system you have to round it to the nearest point, so 7. I wish I realised this before, because if I ate it in one sitting I could of saved myself a point. hahahaha ... Ok I know .. I sound like a moron. But I am finding this point this interesting. But we will see how I feel about it after a month or so.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

Zack! Zack! .. he's a Rhinotillexomanic!

So there is actually a medical expression for what I have! It's Rhinotillexomania.

Now that I am aware of it! .. maybe I am a step closer to recovery!

In other news, I am thinking of a way I can chart my weight progress on my blog page. I will maybe make a chart or something. But for now I will just post my weight. Today I weighed myself in a 233 lbs. Now I am not sure, but when I weighed myself last week and didn't write it down, I could swear I was 238. Anyway.. I will try to keep track of these numbers, and that is why I thought a chart would be the best way to go. Another thing I am noticing is that depending where the scale goes in my house, it gives me a different result. I found a spot that seemed to be the flattest and the scale sat firm on the floor. I will use that same spot from now on. I guess to be honest with myself, I think I will chart all of my sizes as well. But come to think of it, I havent measured that stuff.

I think I will also try to have a personal goal of 200 lbs. Now that may seem crazy, but judging from my BMI from just the information that I have read on a couple of website, I supposedly am "very obese" and my body weight for a my size is supposed to be 136 - 165 lbs and I have an increased risk of disease (blah blah blah) because of this. 136 - 165 !!! That is INSANE!! There is NO WAY I can get to that. Not unless I can hit 200 first. And if I can do that.. then I might be more apt to believe the other.

Ah .. hell .. next week by this time I'll probably forget that I was even try to change my diet anyway.. hahaha!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

go speed racer, go speed racer, go speed racer go!

Well another Mother's Day has come and gone, and another day is gone where I feel like I didn't show my true appreciation for my Mother or my wife like I should have.

I got Leanne the "PS I Love You" movie as a gift for her. But we haven't watched it yet. So please. Nobody ruin it for me. My mother.. well... I let her watch my daughter in the afternoon so we were able to take Harley to a movie that he was wanting to see. See what I mean by what a wonderful mothers day gift? Editors Note: Talya, if you are reading this, please don't be offended it's just that your attention span for movies right now is not up to par for the theatre. Truth be known you had a wonderful time with your grandmother.

We took Harley to Speed Racer this afternoon. He really liked the show but he was a little confused in some points of the movie because the time frame in the movie jumped back and forth a little bit. We took him to the 3:30 show, though it probably would have been better for him to go to the 12:30 show and he wouldn't of been so tired. But I am sure he will wear the DVD thin when in comes out later.

Never watched the movie yet because that damn friend of mine Ahmad got us hooked on 4400. .. not that it is a bad thing. It's a very good show and I recommended to all. I just hope that they pick it up again sometime later on.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

.. and so it begins

I officially started weight watchers today. Not for losing weight as much as for using it as more of a tool to control my portions.

Unfortunately though, I picked the wrong day to start it. I went to a birthday party for one of Harley's friends and though I kept track of what I ate, I didn't bother worrying about calculating the points until the end of the day.

I was 23 points over my allowed amount of 36. 59 points!! ooops. Good thing though, I have extra points that I can use throughout the week. Lucky for me I used the majority of them in a day. Good times.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday in Japan

YAY!!! It's another friday and I thought it would have never come!

I do feel like it is going to be one of those weekends that is going to come and then go before I know it.

Will see what happens.

So I have been on a kick of watching a bunch of Japanese commercials lately. Made a DVD full of them at home and have already been driving the wife and kids nuts with them. I originally was looking for KFC commercials for the hell of it.. but after seeing this guys video, it really makes me want to try the food there.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

QOTSA and balls

Saw Queens of the Stone Age last night and really enjoyed the show. But if it made me realize anything, it is the fact that I definately am not getting any younger. And I only ran into like 2 people that I knew. Where as back in the old days, I used to run in to tons of people. Ah well .. what ya gonna do.

The priest from our churchs parish was over last night to talk about Talya's baptism. (which I think we will have set for june 22nd) And as I mentioned before the embarassing things happen with kids when they are over... here's another one.

Harley was standing by the table while we were talking to the priest and he you can tell he was a bit uncomfortable. We said, "Harley, if you have to go to the bathroom, just go.."

and he says "No, I am ok. It's just my balls are sticking to the side"

I swear I saw coffee come out if the priest's nose.
That's my boy.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


So I am going to the dentist this afternoon. I have this sickening feeling in my stomach.

I'm not sure if it is from me going to the dentist, or if it is from all 4 of us in the family attempting to do this venture at the same time this afternoon.

I'm just gonna try to keep my focus on the upcoming "Queens of the Stone Age" show this evening. I think it's gonna be a rocker!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Slap Happy

I have decided that it doesn't matter what I do that if I am not happy with myself first then I will never be happy.

I believe I am happy with myself now, and I had a good couple of days to confirm it.

Now it's time to spread that happiness throughout.

So I should be happy. If I am not happy.. slap me.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

today in point form

- woke up
- ate breakfaset
- burned a couple of discs to give to rob g.
- took kids to gymnastics
- visited with rob & dae and kids while at gymnastics
- got an order form for spices and meat and other things.. damn now I have to order stuff or try to sell it to people
- went thru mcdonalds drive through
- impressed with the new angus burger
- started dvd recorder to record "the hitcher" for later viewing
- anchored swing set down
- played in back yard
- did an ant attack with coffee grounds
- cleaned back entrance and washed walls
- cleaned kitchen
- bathed daughter
- got kids to tidy rooms
- bbq'd some meat
- started dvd recorder to record "funny girl" for later viewing
- had dinner
- made choc chip cookies for the first time. Talya and Leanne helped me.
- made coffee
- ate cookie and drank coffee
- washed dishes
- put kids to bed
- finished watching season one of 4400
- did this posting
- now going to bed

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Went to Col's parents this evening to finally get a chance to see lil' Daxton.

It was sooo cool to hold a little guy again. Made me want to have a little one myself, but also freaked me out too because I got rusty. And when it's someone else's kid you can have this incredible fear of "breaking" them. Wouldn't want to "break" him. Not a good thing.

Talya we definately soaking up some of the attention and making a little fool out of herself as well. Colin's mom gave here these little "cheerleader poofy things" and she was shaking them up and down yelling "PRIZE!! PRIZE". which I am assuming was her saying surprize, but then again with my children you can never tell sometimes.

During the day, my friend Lynnai and my sister went to Robert Usher. The school is closing down and they had a "come and go" for alumni to check out the place. It was nice to see some of the artwork and in some ways it was pretty bizarre because some things in the school didn't seem to have changed at all.

I was disappointed that more people from my graduating class didnt show up, though I would say that it was short notice and I don't think many of the people knew about it. Not to mention that the majority don't even likely live in regina anymore

Friday, May 02, 2008

friends and games

Bert is going to come over this evening and we are going to meet Devin and his new fiancee Naomi at the shwack.

Too bad it is going to happen at like 11:00 this evening though. It would be nice for Leanne to get out. But she works tomorrow morning.

Hopefully sometime it will be at a point where she doesn't have to work at all.

Actually. I wonder what it would be like to retire at an age of like .. now. If I actually won the lottery this evening, I don't think I would be one of those people that say.. well I'm gonna keep working because I don't know what to do with myself. Nope. Wouldn't have to worry about that at all.

I picked up a sweet game while I was out with my buddy Rob for lunch. It is called "Test Drive: Eve of Destruction". There aren't enough Demolition Derby games out there. But truthfully. This is the only game you need.

Speaking of need. Rob also picked up a Wii today. I found it bizarre because here he was talking to me about one and make sure what to get when he picked one up, like I had one. hehehehe .. thought it was funny. Well. I think now that he has that, he will probably get a big TV within a couple of months.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the end of the month

wow .. tomorrow is may already...

Monday, April 28, 2008

we are now dancing with the stars

We got a couple of dance pads and the "dancing with the stars" game for our ps2. It's pretty fun. It gets us on our feet. Hopefully this will keep me going till I can afford a Wii.

The kids seem to enjoy it, even though they are not following the song correctly. Now hopefully I can still get a used copy of DDR. (and no .. I am not talking about Colin's son .. hahahaha)

After we shut the game off, it just so happened that the real dancing with the stars was on TV and Harley was blown away... "HEY!! THAT IS THE REAL GAME DADDY!!"

Sunday, April 27, 2008

No more sex in the city

Leanne and I finished watching Sex and the City tonight. Not to bad. We watched 6 seasons in approx 2 months. Very addictive show. I enjoyed it a lot.

Thought I will have to admit. I was not impressed with Mr. Big's actual name when we found out what it was in the finale. They so could of had a better name for him. Didn't suit in our opinion.

But hey. Now that is out of the way. We are now going to take on 4400.

I am quite disappointed that there is no more Sex and the City. Though I am now excited to see the movie when it comes in the theatres in a month or so.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A pic of Willy Green

I got a picture of William to show! Below is the message for Daelynn attached. Congratulations Guys!!

William David Green
Born April 22, 2008
7 pounds, 3 ounces
18.9 inches

Good morning!! Just a quick email to show off my new little man and to let you know that we are doing wonderful. The labour was fast and my recovery will be great - I am feeling excellent. It does get easier the second time around. :)
Autumn is in love with her new brother.
Daelynn, Rob, Autumn and William

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Penis Puppets

My wife went to see Puppetry of the Penis last night with my mom ans sis.

Unfortunately they didn't have any T-shirts. But she did get me a DVD! I guess she wants me to try some. HAHAHA .. yeah right. I don't even think I can stretch Silly Putty like that

I guess my buddy John was front row center at the show with his wife. Sounded he got picked on a bit. It would have been funny to have been there I guess.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Congrats out to Daelynn & Rob on thier new baby that was born this morning at 5:35am
this morning.

William David Green
7lb 3oz
not sure of length.

I don't have a picture as of yet and have not been able to see the little tyke since I will be working all day and Leanne will be out this evening. Not to mention I still have to see Daxton.

It's a crazy baby party around here!

It was crazy. I woke up this morning to my daughter and then the phone rings. Daelynn's on the phone saying: "Hey Gil, hows it goin'? I didn't wake you up did I?"
"No. That's ok I was just tending to Talya ... (blah blah)
.. now as fast as my brain works, it still took me quite a while to realize that it is 7am in the morning and why the hell would she be calling me. at this time.
"You didn't have your baby did you?"
"Actually yes I did"

And she sounded great! I guess the baby is ok and everything was awesome. I will likely post a picture when I take one or see one myself.

Monday, April 21, 2008

feeling blup

I had a hard time to get the will power to do anything today. Feeling sick to my stomach and didn't want to leave the bed at all.

.. maybe it's the fact that the dentist is coming..

Nah .. who am I kiddin'. I know whats bothering me and no amount of medication is going to fix me of this state.

Time for an oil change.

Speaking of oil change. Took the van in for one in the late afternoon and got an excuse to see my sisters new car. She hasn't got it yet because they have some stuff that they need to do to it still. Harley felt bad for my sister so he lent her his yellow monster truck that he got from the show to her till she gets it. Good kid. Has a heart.

..unfotunately later in the evening he realized that he wouldn't be getting his truck back. I guess he will have to sleep with one of his other cars. HAHAHA

Sunday, April 20, 2008

da weekend

The last few days have been fairly active

Friday night
- Leanne and I sent to the 1st annual Taboo Sex Show here in regina. I think I will go again.
- Went for beer with Lincoln, Christine, Scott and Bert. I was good to see them again. Don't seem them enought

- Tried to attack the laundry for my wife during the day. I suck at housework. I don't deserve her.
- Had a good talk with Colin today. I am really proud of him. He sounds like he he taken on the daddy role very well. And he sounds like a really proud daddy too. It made me want to have a third child myself.
- Took Harley to the monster truck show with my friend Dallas and his son. I swear, there were moments there where Harley might as well have been at a rock show, screaming and yelliing doing the infamous Dio finger hand single when the trucks would drive over something. YYYEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!!! I dont know which was worse for me .. the loudness or the fumes. I definately got high and had a killer headache in the evening. The main thing though is that Harley loved it! Harley got a yellow monster truck toy from the show. He got yellow because it was the color of auntie's new car.

Sunday (today)
- Leanne had to work during the day.
- Took the kids to gymnastics this morning by myself. Rob and Daelynn I am sure had a good laugh at me while I ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off after my daughter.
- Harley had a birthday party to go to and I felt like a heel because when I took him there I forgot to bring the birthday present. Just when I thought that was bad enough.. I forgot again when I went to pick him up. Harley was not impressed with me at all. Harley will get to take the gift to his friend tomorrow at school.

All in all. They weekend just came an went.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

DAXTON !!!!!!

Well I finally got to see pictures of Daxton! .. and I had to post so other friends of mine that don't have facebook can see this little tyke!

Daxton Drake Reid
Born: Tuesday April 15th @ 9:15pm
9lbs 5oz / 21.25 inches

Congratulations Megs!!!

Congratulations Clo!!!

Leanne and I are excited for you guys, and will schedule a time to see ya when things get a little more normal in a couple of weeks or so! Rock On!

Friday, April 18, 2008

wrong day

I psyched myself up for going to the dentist today...

.. but then I realized the appointment is next week..

.. shit

Thursday, April 17, 2008

still counting down the days..

Harley is still counting down the days to the monster trucks .. and is getting more excited about it. He had been watching Monster Jam on TV every moment that he can get.

.. Im thinking he may enjoy the show.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Daxton Drake Reid

Well I read that Daxton Drake Reid was born on facebook.. but that is all I know

.. I need more details!!! AAAAARRRRGHHHHH!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

4 more sleeps..

Harley has been counting down the days till the Monster Spectacular show. Every morning he has been waking up and saying, like today for example.. "4 more sleeps and I get to see the monster truck movie"

I think it's gonna blow his mind.

... and his ears.

Monday, April 14, 2008

sometimes things are too damn cute.

Did you ever notice that when there is something so damn cute you just think it is unlawful and you have to do something in order to balance it out. Most of you may be familiar with the scenareo of the baby that is so cute that you want to eat it.

Well .. I saw a picture of my friends niece today that was so damn cute that I wanted to take it.. squeeze it and kick it like a hacky sack!

It's amazing how many people think that is offensive!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

attack of the bears.

Harley and Talya started Gymnastics today. They had a blast. I am glad we enrolled them. Talya started "Baby Bears" and Harley is now in the "Gym Bear 2" class. In Talya's class, one of the parents has to go along with them throughout the procedure. I guess Taly kept Leanne on her feet and got a workout herself. I dare not joke about it though because next week is my turn since Leanne has to work.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

.. van man

My brother bought a table and chairs from Jysk and I picked them up for him with our van. I love having a van.

Yes.. I know .. that was all I could think of for posting today.

Whoo hoo!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Hello .. and welcome to April 11th. But unfortunately April 14th is around the corner.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

.. need my hit ..

Not much happened today. Starting to go through LOST withdrawl ... aaaaarrrgghhh. At least there is Sex and The City to keep me going.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Where is the line when it comes to Art?

Now I am not a huge animal activist or anything .. and hell I don't even own a dog for fear of what my alergies may do .. but I can't help but feel for this. Starving Artists is one thing .. but starving Dogs? .. what the hell?

I came across this in facebook, but I decided to post it here. I couldn't help but feel for the poor dogs.

In 2007, Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, a so called artist, took an abandoned dog from the streets, tied him to a very short rope to a wall in an art gallery, and left a kettle of food on the other side of the room, beyond his reach, and left him there to slowly die of hunger and thirst.The so-called artist of such cruelty and the visitors of the gallery of art watched the agony of this animal. The dog finally died of famine, surely after a painful, absurd and incomprehensible torture.The prestigious Centralamerican Biennial of Art decided that this horrible act committed by this guy was art, and Guillermo Vargas Habacuc has been invited to repeat his cruel actions in said Biennial in 2008.If you go to this website there is a petition to try to stop this from happening again. Also links to the previous 'art work'.

For non-Spanish speakers: the next 2 categories that you must fill out following your email is: 1) city; 2) countryNOTE: I have warned on various occasions to maintain civility to your fellow group members and to keep the environment within the ambit of the group's objective: animal rights and awareness. Everyone has their own point of view and they have a right to express it. However the discussion and comments have escalated to name calling and attacks against individuals, cultures, countries etc. After various warnings being met with outright violations, I have decided to disable the wall. I apologize for any inconveniences or disappointment this may have caused to the rule-abiding members.

Click here if you want to look at the original post that I came across on facebook.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Monday, April 07, 2008

I wanna shoot the whole day down.

I am having a usual monday today. Monday's are kinda useless, except as a transfer point to Tuesday.

But then again. I should respect the Monday. Because if it wasnt this day, one of my all time favorite songs wouldn't exist.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday Post

Here is my sunday post.

**insert story that is really boring that you would usually read in a free sunday paper addition. ... oh .. and a picture of kids feeding geese.**

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Friday, April 04, 2008

why a colonel tatoo?

People keep on asking me why I would have a tatoo of colnel sanders. I thought I would let my friends at YouTube answer this. Watch the videos below. Take note of the band name on the drum set of the first one. Hillarious!!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pic-a-Pop vs. The Pop Shoppe

I went into Brandi's (my "local" corner store) and I noticed that they now have Pic-a-Pop for sale! I nearly flipped. Unfortunately thought it is not at the same price as I remember. I got a bottle of my favorites, Black Cherry and Blue Razzberry and I was stunned to find out I was paying 2 bucks each! I still enjoyed them though. The black cherry tasted how I remember it, but was lighter in color. Before it used to roughly the same color as cherry coke.

But when I was looking into more information on the internet. I came across something even cooler! The Pop Shoppe looks like there back as well! Now I liked Pop Shoppe more as a kid then pic-a-pop, but I haven't came across any here yet. Hopefully I will sometime soon thou.

Which one do you perfer? Pic-a-Pop? or The Pop Shoppe?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

..who is more fool .. who is more fool ..

.. the fool or the fool who follows the fool.

I guess I am the fool really.. since I didn't prank anyone yesterday. I have never been one for that stuff. Though,I would have liked to take colgate toothpaste and put it on the chalk board for the teacher in elementary school, but .. I never did.

Speaking of toothpaste. I saw something funny on the tube of crest toothpaste that I never noticed before when I was brushing my teeth last night. It said this on the back of the tube:

"For best results, squeeze tube from the bottom and flatten as you go up"

We definately have become a nation of idiots.

Speaking of nation of idiots and fools like myself. I thought this was real.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This guy is hillarious!!

Check out the drummer in the back..

.. thanks to Steve for pointing this out to me.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Cool Sites

Here are a couple of cool sites that were brought to my attention by my buddies Hema and Brett. I had to pass them along. Enjoy!

Garfield Minus Garfield


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Here Comes the 123's

Here is a taste of the fun that can be heard from the new TMBG album. They totally rule!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Feeling Blup Jr,

Is it possible for a 4 year old to suffer from depression. My son is sick right now .. but sometimes it almost seems like his is depressed. Ah .. it's probably just because he feels like crap.

I think I am gonna look in to it though.

Early Friday morning he was sick and throwing up. He was really upset that he was sick because he had a play date with a friend of his setup for the morning. He was looking forward to it all week, counting down the sleeps till the day.

It was heartbreaking to see him force himself up and get dressed. Leanne and I were talking to each other saying how we could tell that he was sick and commenting on the fact that usually when he is ready to see a friend he's jumping up and down with excitement, but this time he was just limp on the couch after he got dressed. We come back into the livingroom and he must have heard us talking because when we got back in.. he was jumping on the chair with all of his might getting weaker on every jump saying .. "seee .. i feel good ..." .. stops .. and gets off the chair..

.. "im gonna go back to bed now" ...

Poor turd. He is sleeping right now at this moment as well.. I hope this doesn't mess up his sleeping schedule.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Why do kids act up when people are over. They have all of the time to do the bizarre shit when they are at home for the majority of the day .. but no .. lets wait till someone comes over to do the really messed up shit.

Friends of ours were over last night with their kids. Our kids were all playing together having a jolly old time, later we hear them doing "poop talk" and all of them laughing very hard. ... "oh oh .. something is up", I say to myself.

Out comes Talya holding her diaper and Harley with a pair of pliers hold on to talys's poop laughing histerically.

We now officially own a pair of "Ploopers"

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sandwich Depression

I am not sure if I ever mentioned it on here before but sometimes I have a severe case of what is commonly known to myself as "Sandwich Depression". This is the end result of what happens to me when I am enjoying a really good meal, mainly sandwiches.

I am suffering from this right at the moment, after a beautifully crafted sandwich by Carlo of the Italian Star Deli here in Regina. It started when I was already half way though the sandwich knowing that the end was enevitable.

I do have the problem with other things as well, like my mother's roladen, cabbage roles, or my wife's apple crumble.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Banana or Kiwi

I noticed the older I am getting, not only does my hair become greyer and greyer .. but my penis now seems to be transforming from what once was compared to a banana would now be a kiwi.


Saturday, March 01, 2008

something smells

I find it interesting how sometimes your own fart can be a welcoming friend.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

RUSH COMING TO REGINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy New Year!

Wow, half of the month has already passed, and 2008 has started of with a crappy boom. There is quite a list of things that I could list here that I could bitch about. But I decided not to do that. Instead I have decided to list all of the good things that has happened so far this year.