Tuesday, October 30, 2007

To my faithful viewers..

If you are wondering why I have not been adding to much to my blog page as of late it was because I have been trying to get over my groin sufferage. For a while there I was not even able to sit upright in front of a computer. So I didn't. I had my vasectomy last week and I feel that I now have completely recovered, though there is a slight uncomfortableness .. but not enough from be to begin my "twenty shots" .. Once that is complete. I will then go in for a sperm analasis to see if I am officially sterile. Time will tell..

Rock on and love to all of you!


ColReid said...

"Twenty shots"? Is that literal, or euphemism for something else? At any rate, this isn't helping me to look forward to getting sterilized myself one day.

Maria said...

what do you mean by twenty shots?

Amy said...

What?! I can't have your love-children? Why do you hate me so?

Congrats on your bravery, and I'm glad you're feeling better.