Friday, October 05, 2007

to f'n cool .. that's crazy

Thanks to Colin for bringing this to my attention.


Ahmad said...

What a coincidence, they made a Theremin (I think that's what the wowie sound maker on this video was) on MAKE magazine's weekend podcast this week:

mike said...

these are cool they have been around for years and years in every sci fi movie of yesterday as well as used to supply the sound of an old radio being tuned into the station

I heard an interview about these on the radio many years ago I also saw some black r&b guy use one on saturday night live in the 80's

Mike (fantastic mikes rants n stuff

ColReid said...

The band "Nathan" from Winnipeg (*shudder*) uses a theremin in some of their songs. They are a really great band to see live.
I never imagined I'd hear or see a theremin in folksy-bluegrass-type stuff, but then again I also would have never imagined anyone would use Scrabble as a metaphor for a relationship either. Seriously, this group is clever and interesting... if they ever come here again you should go see them with me and Megs.