Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Harley's first day of school

We took Harley to his first day of Pre-K today. We walked to the school, which only took about 5 minutes, so that wasn't so bad

Leanne and I stayed there for the first little bit and then all of the adults started to disperse, so it was time for us to go. He seemed to blend well with the other kids right away.

If you ask me, I couldn't really tell the difference between his first day and from what I remember of going to Kindergarten for the first day. I couldn't help but start feeling all teary when I was seeing him there with the other kids and he seemed to start getting along with the kids right off. It blows my mind on how fast it seems that he is growing.

Leanne told me afterward when he got home, she asked him how his first day was and he said. "It was good! I listened and learned!".

Cute little punk.

And now for your enjoyment, here is Flight Of The Conchords with "The Humans Are Dead"

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Tony said...

"It was good, I listened and learned...." What awesome and inspiring words. Kids are wonderful.