Thursday, July 12, 2007

A couple of quotes for the day

"We need to get a new car Daddy, this one is slammy!" - Harland Beck

"Spread it like you can taste it" - Leanne Beck


Maria said...

I sure hope that the quote from Leanne wasn't something that was shouted out in the bedroom. Nasty! Harland is so damn cute! I just love him (and Talya of course) so much! That reminds me! You should see the breathtakingly beautiful picture I have of Talya when you were holding her over your shoulder when we were outside saying goodbye to the Fedus'. It is awesome!!

Gilly said...

I will sometime ..
.. I wonder if I have developed an alergy to strawberries.. .. I had some strawberry jam and now the whole back of my mouth is sore tingly and I can feel my throat closing up .... not cool .