Thursday, April 26, 2007

puke party

Well .. the last week has been faily interesting. My whole family, except for me has just went through the flu epidemic. First it hit Talya (though hers might only have been a single tossing cookies coincidence because she only threw up once) and then Leanne and then Harley. Leanne and Harley are still suffering a little from it, but they are getting over it. It is this reason that I misplaced 40 dollars and I am not sure what happened. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think that I left the 40 dollars in the machine and only took the slip and my card back. That was a few days ago and I still never found the money. I thought I possibly put it in my jacket and then through it in the wash because Harley torqued all over it that day, but no luck. I went back to the bank yesterday gave my slip an explained the scenario, they are going to check the cameras for me to see if I took it or left it in the machine. That is cool. I don't want the 40 bucks back as much as at least confirming what I did.

Yesterday morning, Harley freaked us out. While we were getting ready we were calling for Harley. There was no reply. Leanne shut the water off and called again.. No reply. Called again .. and we could hear his voice faintly in the backround. We later noticed that Harley was OUTSIDE in the car with the keys in the ignition and yelling back to us from his rolled down window .. "I'm going to go to the store to get a toy for Mommy!!". He was still in his pjs and had two different boots on his feet. He was bound and determined to go to the store because he wanted mommy to feel better. Damn crazy kid. I am going to have to get some latch locks that are two high for him to reach (even with a chair) so he doesn't do this some time when we are still sleeping.

Speaking of sleeping, he didn't even go to sleep till about midnight tonight. I can't wait till he is done with the flu thing .. because he sure is silly and stubborn when he is sick

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