Friday, March 30, 2007

Good Times

So those of you who where wondering what I have been up to this last month since I really haven't posted anything. Here is what happened to me in point form. (Thanks to Robbie for helping me out with this one)

* Bought a house
* Moved into house. Movers thought it would take 3 hrs to do... it took 8
* Found out house was a whore house
* Found lots of condoms, g-strings, cigarette butts, broken glass
* Found lots of dog shit in the backyard ... I mean LOTS!!!
* Took in all of the bottles left at the house and got almost $80!
* Lost faceplate for car
* Saw Heaven and Hell in concert
* Fire trucks came to house TWICE! ... in one day because alarm system was still set for previous owner
* Kids got sick and threw up all over the place. Talya was even in
the hospital for the day cuz she was dehydrated
* Found faceplate for car in driveway ... and yes, I drove over it
* went and saw "The Crucible" at Riffel High School. Bastards didn't sell any XL size T-shirts
* Meatfest ... Harley turned the fridge off in the afternoon ...
following morning we cooked up a big feast ... now I mean a really big feast
* Alarm system still set for previous owner, I don't dare touch the
fucking thing.

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