Monday, February 26, 2007


I thought I would make a quick little post while I am taking a break from packing. We have probably close to 3/4 of the house packed up right now. It is amazing how much shit one can accumilate after a couple of years. I am really trying my best to get rid of things that I dont really need .. but I am so much of a pack rat.

I think I messed up my back. Yesterday afternoon I tried to get a stepping stone that was made for us out from the front yard. Tip.. make sure that you remove a stepping stone from your front year before 3 feet of snow piles over top of it. It took me forever to get to the bottom of it since I didn't have a decent shovel, and then when I got to it. It was suddenly realized that it was frozen to the ground. I had to use 5 or 6 buckets of hot salty water to get it to come loose, along with my "mighty strength". At first last night I had a headache because I popped a vain in my brain.. but today is even worse. I definately messed my back up. My back has never been in this much pain before. But hey ... I got the stepping stone out. And that's what matters.

Well. I am not sure when I will be adding to this again. It looks like it will be a couple of weeks before I have internet and TV at the new place.

I guess I should get backatter...

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Robbie said...

You think your back is messed up now ... just wait until moving day.

My boy, medicine is going to be your new best friend.