Wednesday, January 10, 2007

it adds character to the car.

Well.. I was driving home today and I got in a car accident.

Came to a corner to make a left turn. Looked right.. nobody. Looked left.. car coming and passed.. drive forward into the intersection..


.. now I look to my right .. hmm .. guess I should of did that first.. damn..

Get out of the car. Guy driving a big boat.. like bigger then my backyard.

"You didn't see me coming?", he says.

"Nope.. didn't even look"

We look at the cars.. my passenger door is dented right in.

"Well..", he says, "My car doesn't even have a scratch. What so you suggest we do about this?"

"I don't care. My car is not worth the hassle."

"Fair Enough" and he extends out his hand to shake. I shake his hand. He gets in his car and takes off.

.. hmm now when I think of it .. I wonder if he had a dead body in his trunk.

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