Sunday, January 14, 2007

We sold?? our house.

We accepted an offer on our house.

Now I'm crossing my fingers hoping that the conditions for the buyer will pass. So I guess I shouldn't get too excited about it. Don't count my chickens before they hatch..

So far for our house... it's still looking like Avonlea or Pense. But people keep raining on our parade about moving out of town.

But so far .. it is our only realistic option .. but we will see what else pops up. I dont have much of a choice .. If this offer passes, the house is no longer mine after March 1st.

.. hmm .. maybe I should start packing..


Anonymous said...

Hey!! Take A Look In The Mirror, Ask That Guy If He Is OK With You Moving Out Of Town...If It Is OK With Him Then Ask Your Wife To Do The Same..If She Also Finds Out It Is OK ..Then Ask Eachother and Respect Eachothers Opinion..Then Look Into The Eyes Of Your CHildren and See That UN-Conditional Love..Then Ask Yourselves Why You Did Not Consider It Sooner..Do You Know How Many People Regret Not Being Able To Make That Decision..
Do What Is Right For You And Your Family and The Real People In This World Will Respect and Admire You
As We Always Did..Mike

Maria said...

Hey! Mom and I never thought it was necessarily a bad idea for you to move out of town. We just think that Avonlea is too far especially for the commuting etc. If you can get a "better" house for "less" money than go for it. You have to do what is best for your family - just make sure that you weigh ALL the options!

Robbie said...

Aye aye!