Friday, January 12, 2007

shopping list

It's 5am right now and Leanne and I haven't really slept much at all. My daughter has got a viral infection of some sort and a rash all over her body currently. This rash I think is also irritable on her part because she has not been able to get to sleep comfortably all night.

I came downstairs to do a posting for the hell of it because I am hoping that maybe she will calm down in our bed with only one of us. She doesn't seem to want to be alone in hers and if she is in the bed with both of us she thinks it's "time to play".

We took Talya to the doctor in the afternoon yesterday. The doctor gave us some medicine and cream and said. If it gets worse take her too the hospital. Leanne seems to think that the rash does not seem as bad right now. ... hopefully that is true. But then again.. it's the middle of the night and we don't have all the lights on in the middle of the night. .. so that might make a difference.

Speaking of lights... I hate being broke. Not because I don't have money for like a big widescreen TV like most people would complain about being broke for.. but for the little things .. like lightbulbs. Last night all the lights in my kitchen burned out and I had to bring the lamp from the livingroom into the kitchen so I can make dinner and wash dishes. Now that is annoying.

That's what sucks about the job I do. I work my ass off.. hardly get any recognition and I can't even afford to get some luxuries in life.... like lightbulbs and razorblades. And yes... those are luxuries for me right now.

.. I guess I should add dish detergent to this list

... and .. damn.. I'm out of mustard too.

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