Sunday, January 21, 2007

the flu is coming around

Leanne was sick all day today. The flu is getting around. I can see it is just going to be a matter of time when it will hit me. Hopefully she will be better tomorrow. I don't really want to miss out on work right at the moment since I will be needing to take the time off at the end of February. I haven't heard what was going on with the house and we won't likely know until Tuesday. I think I mentioned that already.... ah anyway. We will see what happens in time I guess.

It is like a roller coaster ride right now. Exciting .. but scary as hell

Right now .. it looks like will be renting. We rented "The Illusionist" and watched it. Wasn't that bad .. it didn't focus on the magic as much as I had hoped like "The Prestige" did. It was more like a romantic drama of some sort.

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Amy said...

Let me know when you guys are moving, if I don't have a job by then I'll come give you a hand.