Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Why Now?

Why does this shit happen when I am trying to sell my house. Leanne went downstairs to get something from the freezer.. she opened it.. *** whoooosossshhhh*** this horrendous indescribable stench comes wafting out. It was then realized that the freezer has not been on. At the bottom of the freezer was a pool of thawed grosity. Imagine if you will, a whole chicken, bags of thawed tomatoes, vegetables, liver and other various pieces of pork and beef products wrenching in a well reddish pool of disgust.

I am definitely not going to have anybody come see the house today if they are interested. I have to somehow figure out a way the get the smell out.

Speaking of stench in my basement. Wendy flooded the toilet in my basement. All I heard was screaming and when I start to go downstairs leanne passed me the plunger because Wendy was yelling that the toilet was overflowing... but what I saw was worse then that. It was a waterfall that was flowing from beneath the basement bathroom door going onto the floor and carpet. The water also leaked though the back wall were the dryer is and and a puddle started to form where the drainage plug was. I quickly unscrewed the plug and the water started a flowing down.

.. it is funny how just the smell of that disaster emptied the air .. now I have the basement filled with something else. That should be gone by the end of the day though thank god..

What a party!


Maria said...

....and other various pieces of pork and beef products wrenching a....
I think that you didn't post the whole entry. What's up with that?
Also, how did your freezer get turned off?

Gilly said...

We realized later that the switch was turned off. Where is this switch? Conveniently placed at the bottom right front of the freezer. Where either child can play with the knob. Oh well.. at least the freezer is still working.