Friday, December 15, 2006

shuvlin sno

The most bizarre thing just happened. I just finished getting the kids to bed and came downstairs and then I heard this thumping at the door. At first I thought who the hell would be coming to our house at 10pm at night. It was a kid who said. "Hey .. I notice that you need your front shoveled. I will do it for ya for a couple of bucks." Then he just started shoveling..

.. and I'm like .. ok .. thinking to myself .. man you didnt really give me a choice .. so I searched for some change .. looked outside .. and he did a better job within 5 min then I would have been able to do in 30.. so I gave him 5 bucks.


Tony said...

What an awesome story.

Robbie said...

In that case, I'll give you 2 bucks to do mine.