Monday, December 11, 2006

one of the crappiest days of my life

I just had one of the crappiest days of my life yesterday. I had a take a kitty that I really liked to the humane society. I never thought I would like a cat, I always hated them, but this one changed my mind. Then Gil, way did you take it back you ask? I didn't want to. But the reality of the matter was that I had to. I am allergic to cats. And I really thought that maybe I beat it because my sisters cats didnt seem to bother me, and the cats out at the farm didn't seem to bother me so I thought I maybe would have been past it.

It all started on Wed of last week when my wife came across a little kitty on the street. It was really cold outside and something told her to get out of the car and check on it. Now she thought that maybe the cat would just run away from her and at least she would get it away from the traffic but it did just the opposite. It came to her. Shivering and cold, Leanne thought the honorable thing to do was get it warm. She came buy here at work to get some cat litter because she new we had some. She was asking for it all sheepishly and wouldn't tell me what it was for. Of course me being to stupid didnt even think of the obvious reason of it coming to mind. I went and saw the kitty in the car. Cute as a button. Little black ball of fur with a grey chest. Three or four months old.. tops. My heart melted as well as soon as I saw her. There was something about her. I couldn't explain it. But after Leanne left to take the kitty back home. I couldn't stop thinking of her myself. I called Leanne a couple of times throughout the day to make sure how the kitty was doing at the house.

Talya took to her right away in the afternoon, (Harley was still at daycare) it seemed that this cat, as soon as it got in the house, it was like it lived there already since its birth. It seemed to be really good with Talya. After work, we picked up Harley and went straight to Walmart to get a couple of basic essentials for the kitty. We came home and there was the cat sleeping like a log on the couch. Mind you she was sleeping in the spot where I always would sit. I have never seen a cat that looked so peaceful and at ease. Harley went and saw the kitty and this shine lit in his eyes as he said "awe ... it's a kitty. Hey kitty," picks him up and starts petting him as the kitty purred away. He didn't let the kitty remove his site for the rest of the evening. He sat on the couch and petted it. And when we fed the kitty, he laid beside the kitty on the floor and watched him eat. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

Over the next couple of days, Harley and Talya played with and tormented the kitty. It was amazing how the kitty put up with them. It was like it was meant to be. That is until I came into the picture. For those next couple of evenings it was bothering me, though I tried my best to put up with it the best that I could. It would sleep with me and climb on me every evening in bed. The first evening wasn't bad or so I thought anyway. But as the evenings went on, it seemed to bother me more. I was not able to relax in the house at all and it made be extremely irritable. My eyes didn't seem bother about it, though now when I think back on it I rubbed my eyes alot and I was sniffilin quite a bit. I think mainly it was the fact that I didn't want it to bother me. I liked the cat, and I knew my family liked the cat. I didn't want to be the one responsible for getting rid of it.

But after the 4th evening, I was more irritable and my sleep habits were seeming to get worse. Leanne and I talked about it, and came to the conclusion that maybe it would be best for everyone the kitty to be taken back and hopefully it will find home. This would have to be done sooner then later.

I talked to Harley Sunday morning and told him that the kitty would have to go and that daddy was getting sick from the kitty. Harley was sad and didnt want to really hear us talk about the situation. He simply wanted to ignore the whole conversation altogether and watch "Wacky Races".

To make it easier, Wendy and Bill helped us out and took Harley to It's a Blast for the time while we took the kitty to the humane society. We first went for breakfast with Rob, Daelynn and Autumn. Then Bill and Wendy took Harley and my sister and I went back home with Talya.

When we first came in the door. Tayla saw the kitty and wanted to play with it. The two of them were playing, wrestling and and having a good time. I thought this would be a good way of saying goodbye for Talya. It was then Maria and I took a couple of pictures with the camera for keepsakes. We packed everything up and headed to the Humane Society.

When we got there. They took the kitty from Maria's arms and they took it to the back. I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to her. It was harder then I thought it would be. I was trying to be all cool about it but I was a wreck. After I took Maria home I decided to go meet them at It's A Blast, because I felt this need that I should be there with my son. We played and had a good time. Took some pictures of the kids playing in the balls and stuff. Wendy even took one of me with the kids in the balls. I thought I would be able to print the picture our for myself because it made me feel like a wasn't such a meanie.

When I got Harley home, the first thing he was looking for was the kitty. He was upset with me that the kitty was gone and was completely out of sorts at me for the rest of the day. Again he ignored me and only wanted to watch "Wacky Races" and wanted to be with his Mommy. He didn't want anything to do with me at all. I have never felt so low to my son in my life. He finally fell asleep wathing the show and I took him to his bed for his afternoon nap.

I had to force the kids awake when it was time to pick up Mommy. Harley still wouldn't talk with me throughout the whole car ride. When we got Mommy he still seemed out of sorts, but I could tell that he was happier because mom was in the car. It was then I remembered that Harley was wanting a slurpee for the past couple of weeks and said that I would get him one. He was so happy to get one that when we walked into the 7-Eleven. He exclamied "Hi slurpee machine!!!" to the dispenser. He picked out the flavor he wanted and he seemed to drown his sorrows in the orange slurpee.

That was until I realized later in the evenin when I was going to show leanne the pictures that I took that I lost the camera. After talking with Wendy and Bill about it, we came to the conclusion that the camera was on the table that we were sitting at at It's a Blast and likely fell off the table where both Wendy and I thought the other person put the camera in the diaper bag. Unfotunately it was not in the diaper bag at all. I checked everywhere, I replaced all the places that I have been it hopes that maybe it would magically reappear. But no luck. I am going to check the classifieds every day, file a lost report with the police if by chance it appears at a pawn shop.

Now that is what killed me the most. I had taken pictures on the camera of the kitty and so forth and now I have lost those few little precious memories of the kitty with the kids .. I miss that more then anything. So not only am I a mean father who had to take what was becoming a loving family pet away, but I am a stupid shmuck who have lost the only pictures that we had of that moment.

The camera I could give a flying crap about. I would do anything to get those pictures back.

I miss the cat. But I try to tell myself that maybe it was for the better this way. Even though I upset my family and lost the camera, and couldn't really sleep. I still got a better sleep then I did in the last 5 days. The anxiousness I had was no longer there. So maybe it was better that I did have the cat away. I also was starting to think that maybe Talya was not good around the cat either because I noticed that it seemed that she had a harder time getting to sleep, but after the cat was gone she crashed for nearly 3 hours in the afternoon. I am not sure. Everything happens for a reason I guess. But whatever.

All I know is that was one of the crappiest days of my life.


Maria said...

So Talya is probably allergic to cats too then.

Robbie said...

In time you'll feel better and so will the rest of the family. They say that it is better to have loved and lost, than to have not loved at all and I believe that. The highs don't come without the lows. The kitty will have a good home, so you shouldn't worry about that.

I'm really sorry about the camera, too - pictures fade and get lost or misplaced, but the memories will be with you forever.

It may sound hard right now, but focus on the future ... it'll all get better. You'll have another camera and you'll be living in a nice new home that you'll be really happy with and then it'll be summer and you'll be frolicking in the grass with Harley and Talya and they'll be looking at you like you're the greatest thing to ever walk the planet.

Tony said...

"You'll have another camera and you'll be living in a nice new home that you'll be really happy with and then it'll be summer and you'll be frolicking in the grass with Harley and Talya and they'll be looking at you like you're the greatest thing to ever walk the planet..." and then a black cat with a grey belly will cross your path while holding a digital camera in its mouth. It will look at you as if to say, "Fucker," and then it will step into oncoming traffic: Bye-bye kitty!

Maria said...

Who the hell is this Robbie person? I think that he/she is over medicated.

sarcastic sid said...

Kettle? I have a Ms. Pot for you on line 1.

Agreeable Andy said...

Well said Sid! Well said.