Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas time is here.

In my opinion. After this past weekend. Christmas is here a week early.

On Saturday we went to Rob and Daelynn's for a Christmas dinner that they decided to have for their close friends. Daelynn set it all up with all the trimmings. The dinner was fantastic. And her turkey was really moist. I noticed that she had one of those silver roasters like my mom got last year. I think that is the secret. I have to get one of those roasters. The drive out and back to their place in Pense was kind of crappy though. The snow was blowing pretty good so the visibility was crap but still manageable.

Then on Sunday we were invited for a brunch over at John and Adrienne's. It was the first time I have been at their apartment since they sold their house 2 years ago. It was brought to Harley's attention that John had an electric drum kit in his apartment. Harley was on it for the majority of the time that we were there.

Talya even played the kit for a bit. I gave her the sticks and she just started swinging. She liked the idea that there was a sound that would come from the speakers behind her. I played with her as well. She seemed to enjoy it. I wouldn't be surprised if one of kids became a drummer at least. I guess we will see in time.

Before we left for the day. Harley was asking, "Daddy, can I have new drums?".

hmm . .. a dog? .. or new drums ... hmmmmmm.......

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tony said...

so that's what john's place looks like.