Monday, November 13, 2006

living day by day.

Hmm .. it is amazing how much time has been passing by this last little while. I have been super busy now that we have been trying to sell the house and all. The kids were sick over the weekend. Both of them have a horrendous cough right now. It will only be a matter of time till the bug attack Leanne and I now.

Since they were sick, we missed out on going to our friends to watch the western final between SK and BC on his big ass plasma. I am kind off happy that we did in a way because Kyle is a huge Roughriders fan and he would have likely just been miserable throughout the whole game. But that is ok, we will likely go over there for the grey cup next week so that should be fun.

We shown the house to another person last Saturday. It seems though that everyone is taking the day off today, because I haven't been able to get a hold of my Real Estate Agent to get the update of what has been going on. Hopefully we will find out soon though.

It was our 6th wedding anniversary on the 11th. We went out last Friday night to celebrate. Maria bought us tickets to go see Just for Laughs and also treated us to Chinese for supper before the show. It was nice to go out and have a laugh. When we came home I realized that we won the Home Lottery!! .. well .. sort of. We didn't win the home. In fact.. our ticket didn't win anything! My sister bought us a ticket and at the same time she got my brother, herself and my mom's best friend Bonnie one. My brother won some sort of personal player. I am not sure what it was. And my sister won a mini sony system. Since she already had one, she had it in her heart to give it to us. We now have it set up in our bedroom and it totally kicks ass! .. I have had better sleeps since. Its nice to be able to listen to mp3 discs in a different location then my car.

I will be so relieved when we finally find our new location and be settled down again. My stress levels have never been this high. But I am maintaining, and it is the little things that keep me going.

For example. Talya isn't talking yet, but she definitely knows how to communicate. At lunch today when I was at home, she got into the closet, grabbed a bag of cheezies that we had left over from Halloween, crawled over to me holding the cheezies up with a proud smile on her face that said. "Can you open these for me?". I wish I had the whole event on video. You had to be there.

Speaking of junk food. Amy came buy over the weekend with those damn chocolate cookies that I love so much. The cookies didn't even last 2 days. Better make me some more Amy!!

All in all .. I am not dead yet. And that is something to be proud of.

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