Monday, November 06, 2006

Holy crap! A week has passed and nobody told me!!

Well this last week was filled with fun and candy. Harley dressed up as a race car driver for halloween. Talya didn't really seem to care. We had her in her wintersuit wearing a bunny cap. It was still little too cold for her through when we went trick or treating with our friends, so Rob and I stayed at the house while Leanne and Dae went with the kids. I am hoping to get some digital pics from the evening so I can possibly post them but I have not recieved them yet. I put my house up for sale. If you want to buy my house, you can view it here. Notice the wonderful broken fence post. Unfortunately I have not had a chance to fix that. There are not any pictures of inside posted simply because I don't have a camera to post them. I have sort of made arrangements to get some taken soon..

So far we have had 3 people look at it so far and my agent told me that one of them is interested in coming back to see it a second time. So.. hopefully that could be good news. I guess we will have to see.

Over the weekend. The kids and I went to visit my workmate Rob and his family. He took some pics while we went for a walk in the park..

The boy in the blue is Rob's son Bobby. I like the picture with Harley .. because here you can see how Bobby seems to be fed up with Harley and just wants to get away.. yet .. Harley continues to egg him on. He's like me in that way.. hahah .. that is my boy. Also .. in the pic where Harley and I are going down the slide, you don't really get the full effect when we raced down the slide.... since I get stuck. They don't make those slides big enough.

Here is a house in Pense that I would like to purchase.

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