Thursday, November 30, 2006

My definition of what really sucks.

So I get a digital camera. Canon Powershot A540. It's cool. It takes pictures. And video like the last post that I put up. It's awesome. I like it.

.. I lost it.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

harley luvs talya

I think the video explains it all. Unfortuately the sound is out of sinc.. but that may just be my computer .. I am not sure.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

JamesPod #44

This is one of my personal fav episodes that I have seens so far, that I had to post it here. enjoy

Friday, November 17, 2006

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

I saw one of the greatest movies in my life last night. Ahmad won tickets to a sneak preview of the new Tenacious D movie, and I won the honor of joining him. It was awesome. I will get the soundtrack in my mitts soon!

check out the movie website..

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nintendo Wii

I will always be a Nintendo fan .. and with the new system of thier's.. how can you not be?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


These dumbasses were nearly obliterated!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Proportional Representation

I was snooping on the internet.. and I came across an article that my buddy John wrote for The Commonwealth Jornal a couple of years ago. Now I would be the first to admit that my knowledge of politics sucks. But this makes so much sense it would be nice to see it implemented.

Proportional Representation could be the way to go in Canada
by John Bidochka

What is Proportional Representation? The straight answer is this: in an election, the percentage of popular vote a party receives will determine the number of seats this party holds in a legislature or parliament.

Sounds simple enough, but there are number of ways to implement proportional representation (PR).

One method is the single transferable vote, which means that the percentage of popular vote directly translates into seats. Another method is to combine the current first-past-the-post system with the single transferrable vote to reap the benefits of both local representation and a fair national vote distribution. There are more than 70 countries currently using proportional representation systems. These systems differ considerably from the current first-past-the-post system used in Canada.

First-past-the-post is a winner-take-all scenario where a party can capture a seat by a handful of votes - even if less than half the people in the riding voted for this particular candidate or party. By the time the results of all 308 ridings pour in during a federal election, a series of close races from coast to coast reveals startling discrepancies in terms of democratic accuracy.

If representing the people is as important as elected officials say it is, we should put the people ahead of political parties.

For example, in 1997, the federal Liberals won a majority government (155 seats out of 301) with about 38 per cent of the popular vote. In the June 28, 2004 election, NDP incumbent Dick Proctor was defeated in the Palliser riding by Conservative candidate Dave Batters by a mere 124 votes. But, in spite of the fact that each candidate garnered nearly 10,000 votes each, only one of them gets to go to Ottawa to represent this riding.

Saskatchewan results in the 2004 federal election were very disturbing for the NDP and the Liberals. The NDP was shut out in all 14 ridings and the Liberals managed just one seat.

Thirteen seats went to the Tories even though 25 per cent of Saskatchewan voters supported the Liberal Party and 23 per cent voted NDP. With approximately 180,000 eligible voters in Saskatchewan, under some form of proportional representation, the Tories could have as many as seven fewer seats.

However, it is important to note that the democratic deficit we currently face in Canada can work the other way. For example, although the Conservatives garnered more than 300,000 votes in Quebec, this did not translate into a single seat in this province.

In the Canadian Parliament, the Liberals, Tories, and Bloc Quebecois all have exaggerated seat counts when compared to the 2004 popular vote. The 580,000 votes the Green Party garnered would have actually given them seats in Parliament were a PR system in place. The NDP, with more than 2.2 million votes in the 2004 election, would have about 48 seats instead of 19. These are some examples of how our out dated electoral system creates a democratic deficit at both federal and provincial levels.

Even though PR has been in place in countries such as New Zealand for years, the discussion of this topic in Canada is fairly recent. National Post columnist Andrew Coyne has written that if people get the government they deserve, they should at least get the government they vote for. By this standard, we should at least get an electoral system where the majority and not the plurality rules. There are definitely opposing viewpoints on the subject of PR but at the end of the day should people not be represented fairly and equitably within an electoral system?

One example of a country where proportional representation works is New Zealand. In this country, half the seats in parliament are elected through a traditional first-past-the-post method and the rest are filled from published political party lists. The percentage of popular vote determines which particular names from which particular political parties are chosen from the list. It is difficult to say which PR system would work best for Canada because of our vast diverseness and regionality but at the same time this is all the more reason to begin a dialogue on proportional representation.

So, if our antiquated first-past-the-post system is not fair, what can be done? Many Canadians have joined the group Fair Vote Canada and are currently discussing ways to reform our electoral system. Fair Vote Canada's Web site address is

Proportional representation should reduce voter apathy and strategic voting so that an individual's vote counts. In turn this should encourage more people to participate in the electoral system.

Although implementing PR voting system, either provincially or federally, could mean the end of successive majority governments it may prevent four years of unchecked political rule. We need fear not coalition governments.

In the past, legislation produced by coalition governments has often benefitted Canadians. To quote from the Fair Vote Canada Web site, "The formation of coalition governments under fair voting systems is done in public view, the compromises are publicly known, and the resulting coalition always represents a true majority of voters. If representing the people is as important as elected officials say it is, then we ought to be prepared to put the plight of the people ahead of the plight of any party. That is true democracy."

Click here for more information on Proportional Representation.

Ah .. wikipedia.. is there anything it can't do?

Monday, November 13, 2006

living day by day.

Hmm .. it is amazing how much time has been passing by this last little while. I have been super busy now that we have been trying to sell the house and all. The kids were sick over the weekend. Both of them have a horrendous cough right now. It will only be a matter of time till the bug attack Leanne and I now.

Since they were sick, we missed out on going to our friends to watch the western final between SK and BC on his big ass plasma. I am kind off happy that we did in a way because Kyle is a huge Roughriders fan and he would have likely just been miserable throughout the whole game. But that is ok, we will likely go over there for the grey cup next week so that should be fun.

We shown the house to another person last Saturday. It seems though that everyone is taking the day off today, because I haven't been able to get a hold of my Real Estate Agent to get the update of what has been going on. Hopefully we will find out soon though.

It was our 6th wedding anniversary on the 11th. We went out last Friday night to celebrate. Maria bought us tickets to go see Just for Laughs and also treated us to Chinese for supper before the show. It was nice to go out and have a laugh. When we came home I realized that we won the Home Lottery!! .. well .. sort of. We didn't win the home. In fact.. our ticket didn't win anything! My sister bought us a ticket and at the same time she got my brother, herself and my mom's best friend Bonnie one. My brother won some sort of personal player. I am not sure what it was. And my sister won a mini sony system. Since she already had one, she had it in her heart to give it to us. We now have it set up in our bedroom and it totally kicks ass! .. I have had better sleeps since. Its nice to be able to listen to mp3 discs in a different location then my car.

I will be so relieved when we finally find our new location and be settled down again. My stress levels have never been this high. But I am maintaining, and it is the little things that keep me going.

For example. Talya isn't talking yet, but she definitely knows how to communicate. At lunch today when I was at home, she got into the closet, grabbed a bag of cheezies that we had left over from Halloween, crawled over to me holding the cheezies up with a proud smile on her face that said. "Can you open these for me?". I wish I had the whole event on video. You had to be there.

Speaking of junk food. Amy came buy over the weekend with those damn chocolate cookies that I love so much. The cookies didn't even last 2 days. Better make me some more Amy!!

All in all .. I am not dead yet. And that is something to be proud of.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Holy crap! A week has passed and nobody told me!!

Well this last week was filled with fun and candy. Harley dressed up as a race car driver for halloween. Talya didn't really seem to care. We had her in her wintersuit wearing a bunny cap. It was still little too cold for her through when we went trick or treating with our friends, so Rob and I stayed at the house while Leanne and Dae went with the kids. I am hoping to get some digital pics from the evening so I can possibly post them but I have not recieved them yet. I put my house up for sale. If you want to buy my house, you can view it here. Notice the wonderful broken fence post. Unfortunately I have not had a chance to fix that. There are not any pictures of inside posted simply because I don't have a camera to post them. I have sort of made arrangements to get some taken soon..

So far we have had 3 people look at it so far and my agent told me that one of them is interested in coming back to see it a second time. So.. hopefully that could be good news. I guess we will have to see.

Over the weekend. The kids and I went to visit my workmate Rob and his family. He took some pics while we went for a walk in the park..

The boy in the blue is Rob's son Bobby. I like the picture with Harley .. because here you can see how Bobby seems to be fed up with Harley and just wants to get away.. yet .. Harley continues to egg him on. He's like me in that way.. hahah .. that is my boy. Also .. in the pic where Harley and I are going down the slide, you don't really get the full effect when we raced down the slide.... since I get stuck. They don't make those slides big enough.

Here is a house in Pense that I would like to purchase.

Friday, November 03, 2006