Monday, October 09, 2006

...and then she whipped me..

Thanks to Bill and Wendy for watching the kids. Leanne and I finally got the priming done in the back porch area.

While we were doing the painting, Leanne got me good. We were listening to Kiss while we were doing the work and then the song "Then she kissed me" came on. Leanne says, "They covered this song?" And I am saying .. what do you mean covered. This is thier song. And she is like. No.. This is a cover! .. Of course I then have to check it out on the internet. And .. yes .. she won. It was a Phil Spector cover, originally done by one of those girl bands.. the ronettes .. or something like that. She got me good, and I felt like a moron. She is getting better at her music and I totally have been slipping. I shall bow to her forever more.

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