Tuesday, October 03, 2006

spoke too soon

Shit .. foiled again! .. Leanne and I saw another mouse. And this one was smaller. Which worries me. I tried to get it, actually I had him behind the chair, he was looking at me and I was looking at him. It was like a western. Unfortunately though I didn't pull my holster out fast enough. Leanne tried to whap him with a broom but missed. We also tried to shoo him towards one of the traps but .. he disappeared. It looked like he went down the register... This makes me feel sick .. because there could be more. I guess we will keep on with the fight. I will get some more traps and maybe those ones where they eat the food and go die.. but then again .. that would suck because I don't know where they would go then... arrgh.. why couldn't these little bastards appear AFTER I sold the house .. **sigh**

So.. the score so far is. 1-1? (1 dead and 1 left.. hopefully)

Oh yeah .. I almost forgot because I was taken up by the mouse thing. I smashed my finger in the car door on Sunday. I came out of the car, got Harley out from the back, went back to the front seat because I realized that I forgot to get something and when I flipped the car shut, there was a malfunction in my brain causing me not to let go of the door completely when I shut it. Causing my finger to become stuck in the shut frame. I lose it and pull my hand away causing more damage to my finger and ripping the skin open a bit on the side. Blood was everywhere and Harley was the first to come to me.. "Daddy you ok? .. oh no! .. your finger broke! .. It's alright daddy.. don't worry" and trying to console me as I was screaming in agony going "Fffffffuuuccccckkk". I got it on ice, became a complete wimp for the rest of the evening and it got better. The finger looks ok now. I still feel the pain when I type with it.. but hey it could have been worse.

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Grinjill said...

What are you using to bait? We have had great success with peanut butter. Also, if the last mouse you saw was smaller, perhaps the sticky traps would work well in the areas that are more visible to Harley and Talya. You can abit them with a bit of food inside too.

We had a mouse problem in our first house. One Mamma and about 5 babies. Ick. Got em all though! A few mouse traps and a few sticky traps later.....

Don't fret about the selling the house thing and mice -- just make sure there are no traps around when you show the house. Odds are good that the mice won't surface when "company" is rooting around.

BTW, Sucks about your finger. :(

Gilly said...

yeah peanut butter is how I got the first one. .. but maybe this guy is more fussy.. I am using a noname brand. Maybe I should go all out and get Skippy, or Kraft. Or maybe I can get crunchy and he'll choak on a peanut.