Thursday, October 12, 2006


Leanne and I went with Ahmad and Michael to see a show at The Exchange last night (thanks to John and Amy, for without them the adventurous envening would not have happened): For those of you who may not know. John is a sound engineer and does sound for the majority of shows that come to Regina. Well at least at the Exchange that is.

SCOTTASTROPHE is a multimedia presentation by Scott Thompson, accompanied musically by Bob Wiseman and Magali Meagher. Like a good scientist, Scott steps back and investigates the unusual density of tragedy and surrealism to which he has been privy since ending The Kids In The Hall: potential lawsuits about racism and sexual harassment on the set of Touched by an Angel, behind the scenes on the Larry Sanders Show, trying to play a straight man (or alien) on Star Trek, the firebombing of his Los Angeles home by inflamed supporters of Saddam Hussein, his near death experience on a flight over Madagascar, his infamous hosting of the Griffin Award where he was physically removed and thrown into an alley by Daniel Richler, Scott Griffin and the poet laureate of Scotland, and worst of all, the suicide of his brother Dean...

The show was great. I thought it was hilarious. It was nice to get out and see something fresh for once. We met Scott and Bob after the show and I think I freaked Scott out a little bit. In true Gil fashion I gave him a big hug and said it was a great show. I think it caught him by surprise. Hell I was almost as goofy and stupid like when I met Jane Siberry (Issa) a couple of times. Ahmad also took a picture of John and I with Scott and Bob:
(left to right: Bob Wiseman, Scott Thompson, Me & John Bidochka)

Ahmad also took some other pictures from the show as well. If you got a chance check out his site listed in my links as well.

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Lincoln said...

So you turned Sarah McLachlan gay, and you've probably now turned Scott Thompson straight. Did you cause Jane Sibbery to change her perfectly good name to what sounds like a bad stripper?

Seriously, what is with people changing their names to stupid freakin' crap??!?

Attention, famous people! Try doing something good in your field to get attention.

When you change your name to something stupid it makes you look like an ass.

A disatisfied customer

Maria said...

I agree 100%
Thank you.

rockbobster said...

did jane change her name?
i'm not surprised.
magali and i are coming back to the exchange with the trachtenburg family slideshow players!